Product reviews

Product reviews have always been a sales booster. And to be honest brands and businesses constantly want to flaunt the positive feedback on their websites.

Thanks to the arrival of CMS platforms like Squarespace and providing built-in product reviews feature.  Over the years Squarespace Google reviews widget has been doing this job for business owners. The truth is that customers do not give a glance over the product descriptions on any e-commerce website.

As human instincts say, there is something satisfying about considering the outsider’s take on a particular product. This is nothing to do with the marketing tactic, rather it is about trustworthiness. Humans feel safe when they come to know that past customers are happy with the business. So, leave product descriptions to work for SERP rankings, and let product reviews rank you in the mind of your target audience.

And meanwhile let us have a look at the new feature of Squarespace, the built-in product reviews. Let’s take a deep dive and see how helpful this new feature is for business owners out there.

Before The New Built-in Product Review Feature Existed

It is not been a while since Squarespace launched the product reviews built-in feature. And even before this feature, business owners used to embed Squarespace Google Reviews widget on their website using the review aggregator tool.

The entire idea is that Google reviews on Squarespace or any reviews on the website are not new things to follow. It is all about demand and supply. Customers want products and even before this feature by Squarespace, business owners have been providing.

All about the Squarespace New Feature Product Review Built-In

Fasten your seat belts for the journey ahead. Because we are going to take you on a ride of a-to-z of this feature. From activating the feature to its validity period, we have covered it all.

So let’s get started.

How to Activate the Feature?

If you own an e-commerce site on the Squarespace website and want to start out sending product reviews request to your customers this is your chance. Go to the Home Menu of your Squarespace website, and then click on Commerce. From there, you go to Product reviews. Now;

  • Toggle Request reviews to send out invitations for feedback and complaints.
  • Toggle Email Notifications to get notified every time someone leaves a review.

While you are taking this step, you should be aware you can also receive negative reviews from your customers.

How Squarespace Product Reviews Built-In Feature Works?

Once you have enabled the product reviews on your E-commerce website, customers who buy your products of any form (digital, physical, or service products)  will automatically receive an email right after 14 days after you fulfill their order.

Your customers can write a review of 1500 characters of each product they have purchased. They can also provide a star rating from 1 to 5. Even if they have ordered multiple products from your Squarespace e-commerce website, they will receive one email. But they can review the products individually. Moreover, your customers can leave a review after 120 days of purchasing the product. If you are adding a new product, make sure to enable the notification of it. Otherwise, your customers will not receive a review request regarding the product.

One of the downsides of this feature is that if you decide to downgrade to a Business Plan or a Personal Plan, you will not be able to send reviews request to your customers.

How Are These Reviews Displayed?

If you are worried about how would the reviews display on your feed, we are here to help.

  • Product Reviews: This helps your display product reviews with all the average star ratings. The product Title and the featured image will not showcase in the review section.
  • Store Reviews: This helps you showcase all the reviews and the average ratings for all the products in your store. The product title and featured image are displayed along with the review.
  • Product and Store Reviews: This feature helps you to segregate all products and reviews into different tabs on the product details page. If your choose to display Product and Store reviews, but you have no product reviews, it will only showcase Store reviews.

Can You Customize The Squarespace Built-In Product Review Widget?

No. While Squarespace allows you to customize the text and font of your email review request. It does not help you customize the product review widget. But if you want to give a personalized look to your review widget, you can opt for a review aggregator tool. Using the review aggregator tool, you can moderate the content you want to display on the Squarespace website. For example, if you receive a negative review you can remove it using the tool, which is not possible with the Squarespace built-in product reviews feature.

Google Reviews on Squarespace Website or let’s say product reviews on your website helps you boost your sale.

Final Words

Customer Reviews are an integral part of selling. And if you fail to showcase that your past customers are happy with your service, you will not succeed at making continuous sales. Squarespace’s built-in product review feature is the next big thing in the industry.

We have mentioned all the details of this new feature by Squarespace that you must be aware of. So don’t look for more reasons. Try your hands on the feature, experiment, and see how it turns out for your business.