The temperature changes when the season changes. This causes a feeling of uneasiness for people even inside their house, workplace or a commonplace. Comfort has surely become an intangible thing which people do not want to compromise on anything. So, for the sake of comfort people opt for luxurious commodities like air conditioners, coolers, heaters, blowers, and geysers.

Ducted Cooling and Heating System

What is a Ducted Cooling System?

Air conditioning systems are classified into three types that are window, split and ducted AC. The first two options become almost obsolete when the area is too large. When you enter a large showroom, which has split air conditioning, there is no change in temperature, or there may be no cool air flow or not as much as it should be. This is because due to a large place, cooling function of the split or window ACs is normalized. Therefore, the cooling effect is not proportioned or distributed evenly at all the places.

This is where central or ducted cooling system comes into the picture. Ducted air conditioning is the solutions to all the problems regarding the distribution of cooling. It keeps the place cool even when it is open. In a central air conditioning system, the heat exchanger is placed at a position inside the central furnace.

What is a Ducted Heating System?

Ducted or central heating system can be an ideal option in areas which receive cold and where the maximum temperature is less than 20 degrees Celsius for most of the year. It is a system which provides heat to the entire place. Ducted heating is excessively used for a large place. It distributes heat to the entire place in equivalent proportion.

It is a less preferred way of heating as of now because this system is not well adapted and is only in the cardinal stage. However, large firms and other big showrooms do have ducted heating systems. However, they are not commonly used in residential buildings.

Points to Be Considered While Installing a Ducted Cooling or Heating

Here are some points that need to be considered while installing a ducted or centralized cooling or heating system on any property:

  1. Consult with an engineer

It is always recommended to consult with a professional before taking an initiative. Hence you should get in touch with an engineer who is well aware of the electric wiring system and construction map. The engineer will help you install the ducted cooling and heating system efficiently.

  1. Cover the furniture and all the other essential commodities while installing

During or while the installation work is in progress, do not forget to cover the furniture and other essential commodities. The dust that is eroded at the time of installation is quite heavy. It sticks to places and then it becomes difficult to remove it. So protection is always the better option.

  1. Placement of condenser

The placement of condenser is an important factor. The condenser should be placed where there is neither too much wind nor too much humidity. Ideally, it should be placed a passage away from the outdoor living areas. The neighborhood should not get perturbed by the placement of the condenser.

  1. Where to keep the controllers?

The controllers are used to control the flow of air in the area. The placement of controllers for the ducted cooling and heating system should be done wisely. It is advisable to mount it on areas which are easily reachable or frequently visited. If you are installing it in an office or a workplace, then it should be considered that the controllers are not accessible to employees. It should be kept in boss’s room.


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