Bath scaled

You must enjoy your bath and take it as a chance to relax and forget about your problems. If you don’t feel that way each time you step into the bathroom, you must be doing something wrong. Here are some tips to help improve your bathing experience.

Use essential oils

Pour some essential oils on your freestanding bath to soak yourself in a pool of scented water. Essential oils can alleviate headaches and body pains. For instance, lavender is the most popular choice for its calming effects, but you can go for other options depending on what smells perfect for you.

Heat your towel

Imagine wrapping yourself around a hot towel after you bathe. The sudden temperature change will relax your body. Try investing in quality towels and robes, too. Your spa day doesn’t end once you step out of the bathroom. You should continue feeling good after leaving.

Find the perfect temperature

You will enjoy your bath if you don’t feel uncomfortable with the water temperature. Sure, a hot bath might be nice, but not everyone shares the same definition of a good hot bath. Experiment with different levels and see which one you would feel comfortable using.

Prepare a healthy snack

Who says you can’t snack while bathing? It’s already your mini spa day at home. You might as well take it to the next level by preparing healthy snacks. You don’t have to bring food you will feel guilty about. Rather, you can choose the light and healthy ones. Munching on them while bathing will make the experience even more satisfying.

Watch your favourite shows

You can also install a mini bathroom theatre to watch your favourite shows while bathing. Sometimes, you want to be there for an hour or so, but you start feeling bored. When you watch these shows, you won’t realise that time passes you by. You can also catch up on missed episodes because you’re too busy with work.

Leave your phone outside

Most people bring their phones to the bathroom for entertainment. The problem is you might also receive emails or phone calls from work. You don’t want anything to disturb you as you have a relaxing bath. Therefore, it pays not to have internet access while you bathe. Forget what’s going on elsewhere as you try to relax for a few minutes.

Read a book

Books will take you to places. When you’re alone in a bath, it’s the best time to let your imagination take you to wherever you wish to go. You may bring a hard copy of a book or use your device. Either way, you will enjoy the experience.

With these tips, you can take your bath to the next level. You will also feel excited as you spend more time doing it at home. You can’t wait until your job is over to start your mini spa. Remind your family not to disturb you as you bathe. Give that short time to yourself as a reward.