Simon Fraser University is a public research university in British Columbia, Canada. Its main campus is in Burnaby and two other campuses in Surrey, and Vancouver. The university is one of the top comprehensive universities in Canada. The university has more than 30,000 students and every year a large number of national and international students apply for admission in the university.

Here, in this article, we are providing you a list of top PG courses to study at Simon Fraser University.

Master of Engineering

The Simon Fraser University offers a course-intensive Master of Engineering program. A student should have a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, computer engineering, biomedical engineering, engineering science, or a related area, with a 3.0 cumulative grade point average (B average) from a recognized university to be eligible for the program. International students must also fulfill the language requirements of the university. It is typically a 2-year program.

MA in Economics

MA in Economics is a program which is designed to provide training in a wide range of theoretical, empirical, and policy-related fields. The program prepares the students to work in the public or private sector. The program is a full-time program with a time duration of 1 year. A candidate should have a bachelor’s degree with honors in economics or business administration or must complete additional work to that standard in order to be eligible for the program.

Full-Time MBA

The Simon Fraser University offers a full-time, 1 year MBA program with a 4-month internship. With a maximum of just 55 students, this MBA program at the university lets you explore your interests and discover your strengths. The program provides you with the practical skills and theoretical knowledge required for success in different areas of business. A candidate should have an undergraduate degree in the relevant field with 3.0 CGPA or 2 years of full-time work experience. A candidate needs to have a GMAT score of 550 in order to be eligible for the program.

Master of Science in Finance

It is a full-time, 16-month program offered at the Simon Fraser University. The program provides you training and real-experience so that you can face the challenges of managing investments and risk in a rapidly changing world. The program helps you to develop analytical and technical skills in all aspects of finance. A candidate is required to have a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field with 3.0 CGPA to apply for the program.

Master in Public Health (MPH)

It is a 2-year full-time program offered by the university. It is a practice-based graduate degree that trains students in a breadth of research and practice intended to improve population health and respond to ongoing and emerging public health challenges. It focuses on maintaining and improving the health and wellness of populations. A candidate is required to have a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field in order to be eligible for the program.

Master of Digital Media

It is a 16-month program offered by Simon Fraser University. This 16-month duration includes a 4-month internship. This digital media program is designed to develop essential communication, collaboration & leadership skills among the students. The program explains the foundations of digital media to the students. An Applicant must have completed a 4-year undergraduate degree or equivalent in a field related to digital media in order to be eligible for the course.

These were some of the top courses at the Simon Fraser University; visit the website of the university in order to know more about the courses offered by the university.