Are you remodeling your kitchen but can’t find enough space to fit in all the things you desire so much to put in? This is one of the main problems that almost everyone faces when they run short of spaces to put their utensils or install new cabinets at. Now before you contact an expert interior designer, there might be some hacks that you can do by yourself to make your small kitchen roomier and more utilizable. Following are some of such hacks.

Get A Hanging Pot Solution Available From Many Kitchen

Installation Companies

If you love making food, then you most likely will have a lot of pots, which can take a lot of space and put them in cabinets mean you will only consume more space of other utilities, so get a hanging pot rack installed on the wall.

Get One of the Kitchen Installation Services to Install Ceiling Pot Rack

Just like the walls, you should also make good use of the ceiling. You can use the ceiling to install the hanging pot racks as well. Mind the space for walking so you won’t bump into them in a hurry.

Use Wall Hanging Elements More Properly

Use all the walls more properly. Use steel shelves, hanging wall cabinets and towel bars. Since these all are used more occasionally, you can have them installed behind your station.

Side Cabinet Hanging Place

The side of the cabinet always gets ignored, and that is why you should utilize it more effectively but using it for hanging pots and other utensils and such.

Cup Holder Wooden Rack Under the Top Cabinet

Rather than setting them in the cabinet, you can install a wooden rack on the wall where you can set all your cups which is a more efficient use of the side of the cabinets.

Use Diagonal Alignment for Utensils to Fit More in Drawers

This is where you might need to use one of the Kitchen installation services so that you can get custom drawers made out. These will help you in storing more stuff at a time than before.

Utilize the Doors of the Cabinets

When you get your cabinets installed, you should also get racks installed on the inside of their doors so that you can utilize the free space there as well.

Use Magnetic Bars to Hold Knives on the Wall

This might be a bit creative. Rather than getting a knife rack which would only occupy more space, it is better to get a magnetic sidebar which would hold all such metal utensils for you.

Spice Racks That Stick on the Fridge Door

Your fridge door can also come in handy. You do not need any modification from any of the kitchen installation companies. You can simply buy magnetic holders which would hold spices racks for you.

Use Over the Sink Cutting Board

It is a great idea to opt for this utility. This way, you will save not only space but also time. However, it is better to get a removable option rather than a fixed cutting board.