Indoor Space

Smart living is an art as well as a need of time. I agree with the fact that decorating a small space is the trickiest job for households. But the tough job can be made easy with some smart little strategies.

Be Creative

Space saving is possible by being creative in utilizing even an inch of space. Just think out of the box and you’ll find enough space within your small sized apartment, home or office. How about using the staircase as a set of drawers as well? If your small space can’t afford luxurious furniture, it’s better to use tables, chairs, drawers that can be folded to avail more free space. Don’t leave the corners unemployed. These corners can be used to keep books or plants whatever suits as per the need.

Keep things simple and minimal

Cramming up the whole room with lots of stuff is never advisable. Instead, decorating home with simple, reusable and light stuff is in demand these days. For this purpose, it’s better to use multi-purpose furniture. A simple looking bed with multiple drawers save much space in your bedroom. A mirror can be put over the room door to serve the same purpose. If you are troubled with the storage capacity for your kids’ toys, an in-wall cabinet can help you avoid the messy look. A folding study table with shelves on the wall is another tip to make the room look more spacious. Also old and used materials can be recycled into much useful stuff that will cost you nothing. A wooden box converted into a seating bench with shelves for keeping shoes is not a bad idea.

Use room dividers

Rather than partitioning the room with permanent fixtures, the smarter way is to use temporary room dividers for large sized rooms. Sliding doors have always been in fashion for this purpose. But that’s not the only option for you. Simple looking, movable divider wall can be used to divide not only a hall into different rooms but also for beautifying the interiors with colorful paintings. A wooden partition may be recycled at home, can also be used for similar function as a room divider.

Green up your space

Healthy living is equally important for a smart living. While designing your interiors, plants can be very helpful in adorning our home. Not only they are an effective source of oxygen supply but also add beauty to the place. Modern gardening doesn’t require extra space for planting rather a portable gardening can deal with the space crunch. A room divider with shelves, as mentioned above, can be used to keep plants on them. The idea of vertical gardening is much appreciated and practiced in the modern architecture of smart cities. The outside wall can be utilized for growing vegetables and other plants. Old plastic bottles can be recycled to beautiful hanging flower pots. A small sized balcony can also be refurbished in this way into a small garden.

Use Walls in Kitchen

A “tiny kitchen” is a common complaint of many households. The actual problem might not be a small size rather it’s the improper design of kitchen which is bugging you. It’s advisable to use the walls for making more room for storing the kitchen stuff. These walls can do those wonders which heavy kitchen cabinets are unable to do for you. The wall with the sink can be used to hang utensils and cutlery on. Wall mounted cabinets or shelves can be helpful to keep the spices jars. Several important but rarely used items can be kept in cabinets made on the top of kitchen walls.

Choose Colors Vividly

Color scheme plays a significant role in making a room look bigger. Matching the furniture with the wall colors is a good strategy. Also painting different walls in a single room with different colors can segregate a large room into smaller sections.

Organize smartly

The key to making your home look spacious is to organize well. A cluttered home always gives a nasty look no matter how big it is. A clean, well-maintained home gives a fresh feeling not only to the residents but also to the guests.