Vacation with Children

According to psychologists, joint vacation rallies the family, allows you to learn about the habits and characteristics of the child better, to teach him something important and useful. However, there are people who believe that in order to go on a vacation with the child, special conditions are needed.

Myth 1.

Somehow, in the minds of many parents, the opinion that the vacation with the child can only be organized at sea is firmly established. However, to make such a trip, the adults themselves should want to relax at the seaside. When making a decision, we must take into account that the child can be afraid of sea waves and the unpredictability of swimming in a large pond. Most often, these children get used to the vast water expanses only towards the end of the trip, forcing parents to be perplexed about the unwillingness to swim.

Secondly, you should remember that the most important thing for the child is the attention of parents and most often the situation does not play a special role for him. If the mother and father do not like rest on the beach, it will certainly affect their mood and attitude towards the child.

Myth 2.

If parents make a choice in favor of vacation abroad, they believe that the child can travel only by purchasing a “package tour”, for example, to Turkey or Egypt.

Such a position has no basis. The child does not care whether someone will meet them at the airport or the hotel. Moreover, he is not interested in the choice of the hotel and the procedure of payment for accommodation, the presence or absence of the beach and some services. The child feels good anywhere if he is with his parents. Therefore, you can use the opportunity to find a much cleaner beach, for example, in Thailand, and a diverse cultural program, in comparison to those offered in the “package” of travel services.

Myth 3.

Some parents believe that on tourist trips with a child you definitely need a car. However, everyone knows that restless children behave well in the car seat. You can make a trip by trains. Moving between cities is better to last no more than three to four hours. At this time, the child will sleep and during the excursions will not cause any special trouble. However, you should not take a lot of luggage in such trips, as it makes it difficult to change from transport to transport.

Myth 4.

There are families where there is an opinion that one parent will not cope with a child on a tourist trip. Of course, this is a prejudice, because in the home environment the child most often spends time with one mom who successfully copes with everything. In addition, caring for a child on a tourist trip does not differ much from home care, except that you do not need to prepare food and wash the floors. Of course, if you have a sense of insecurity, you need to go altogether.

Myth 5.

Some travelers believe that the necessary things must be taken with you, forgetting that the amount of luggage, due to various small things, will grow in several times. To avoid overweight, it is better to choose a country for a tourist trip, where you do not need to take extra warm clothes for the child. For example, in countries of Asia with a hot climate. Pampers and food for the baby are better to be bought during the trip.

Myth 6.

If the child is very mobile, parents often fear that the child will be active during the flight, and will cause inconvenience to other passengers.

Certainly, small children do not always behave as their parents would like. In this case, you need to understand his behavior with understanding, do not shout and do not scold him, but try to think ahead of an activity for which he will spend his irrepressible energy. For example, you can take new small toys that do not produce sounds, audio books or games on the tablet. Perfect is the option of a night flight because the child will sleep at this time.

Myth 7.

Parents should not be afraid of acclimatization because some children can react to the weather change, while others will not even notice it. Therefore, it is better to take care of medical insurance before leaving and about other “fears” to forget.

If there are concerns related to the well-being of the child, it is better to plan one or two weeks’ vacation in a country with a similar climate. For a longer trip, you can go to any country, because the child will get used to the new situation and will have time to enjoy the rest. Parents should not be angry with the baby, who will give up unfamiliar food and travel long distances. In time, he will follow the adults without any vagaries, getting used to innovations.

Myth 8.

Very often you can hear strange reasoning that it is impossible to go on a vacation with children. However, if you choose a pastime that will enthrall the child, then he, together with the adults, will enjoy what is happening.

Children, as a rule, like to ski, horses, sleds, admire the sight of elephants and other animals – everything is interesting to them, except for silence and aimless lying on the bed in the hotel room. However, when planning a vacation, do not forget that adults and children have different physical possibilities. Therefore, the child must be supported and carefully treated according to his requests.

Myth 9.

Refusing from a tour to an exotic country, some parents do so because of the fear that the child may be poisoned by local food.

To prevent this, you should start feeding the child with the usual food. When making an order in a cafe, it is better to choose products for the baby that are thermally processed, not sushi or a green salad. It is best to feed the child in crowded places in order to be sure of the freshness of the foods served. For example, in Asian countries, eggs, rice dishes, pasta, chicken, pancakes, fish, corn flakes, watermelons and other vegetables and fruits can be ordered for the child. In addition, there are many cafes in Asia where you can ask to prepare food from the products brought to you.

If the child is very small, then it is better to stay for a rest in the hotel room, where there is own small kitchen. This will facilitate the preparation of baby food.

Myth 10.

The statement that the vacation with a child will cost much more is not true. Of course, the amount for two, in any case, is more than for three, because if a child is two years old, you have to pay extra for a ticket. “Rise in price” can be noticed only by those, who lived in hostels without a child, where a shower and toilet is intended for several families.

For the child, of course, it does not matter how many stars the hotel has, the quality of the carpet, plastic or crystal dishes in the room. Children are not interested in knowing the differences among hotels. Fears of extra costs when on a vacation with a child, as a rule, are the result of the stories of friends and acquaintances.

Myth 11.

Do not be afraid of the fact that during the vacation you will have to exclude hiking and kayaking.
Water trips give children a lot of joy. For security reasons, you just need to wear an inflatable waistcoat or inflatable sleeves.

Traveling with a child will certainly have a positive impact on his development because all this time he will spend with his parents, learn a lot of new and interesting.

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