Alibaug is a small town on the coast of Maharashtra, about 60 kilometres south of Mumbai. It offers many attractions for those who want to spend a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The beaches are great for swimming, as well as water sports such as kayaking and parasailing. You can also find some nice farm stays with an opportunity to learn more about organic farming practices – this would be perfect for families with children! There’s plenty to explore for those interested in history: Kolaba fort is a former Portuguese fortress built in 1670; Shivaji Maharaj himself constructed Murud Janjira fort; Revdanda beach camping has been around since 1945, originally catering only to fishers.

Water sports in Alibaug

Alibaug is a small fishing village in Maharashtra’s Raigad district on the Indian coast. The peaceful beaches are ideal for a weekend getaway from Mumbai. To complete your day, this location provides a wide range of water activities to try. Alibaug is known for its white-sand beaches, including Mandwa beach, Nagaon beach, and Alibaug beach. There are a lot of water and adventure activities available in this location. Each beach is known for its distinct water sport. Nagaon beach is recognized for parasailing, while Alibaug beach is known for jet skiing, banana boat rides, and sea kayaking. Visit the Mandwa beach to enjoy thrilling sports like quad biking and have the best riding experience possible. You can also participate in water sports such as surfing and kiteboarding.

For those who prefer to relax, there’s a lot of fun available on the beach with friends and family! You can choose from activities like star gazing at night or just laying back under the sun during the daytime. During sunset, you could go fishing with your loved ones along the coastline.

Kolaba Fort

The Kolaba Fort is located on an island in the Arabian Sea, between the sea from all sides and the land. It is one of the top places to visit in Alibaug, and it is worth a visit. During the reign of Shivaji Maharaj in Maharashtra, this fort was utilized as the primary naval base. Approximately 300 years ago, the famed Kolaba Fort was built.

This outlying military fortification, which is located off the Arabian Sea, is a stunning sight. The fort is less than 2 kilometres from Alibaug Beach. You may reach here by foot during the low tides. A boat is required to visit the fort during high tides. The Archaeological Survey of India has designated the Kolaba Fort as a nationally protected monument due to its ancient significance.

Vrindavan Farm

If you enjoy being outside, take a stroll throughout the farm. You’ll come across various fruit trees, including infinite chickoo, mango, custard apple, guava trees, and more. The Vrindavan Farm is 28 acres in size, and it’s a beautiful option for a day out. There is an arts and crafts museum called the Vrindavan Farm in Kanakeshwar, located near the ruins of Kanakeshwar. All of this is great. And, if you want to try foods like spices (including exotic varieties), candles, honey, bee wax, and other such items that have been produced naturally without chemicals or pesticides, then you may do so here. The crafts of this region include woodworking, basket weaving, and pottery. You can also study the local indigenous arts and crafts.

Murud Janjira Fort

The Murud Janjira Fort is a magnificent fortification located on the island of Murud, near the village of Murud. It is located approximately 55 kilometres south of the Alibaug region in Maharashtra. If you’re visiting the Konkan region of Maharashtra, this fort should be on your list.

Alibaug is one of Maharashtra’s most beautiful seaside areas. The region has a lot of mysterious and untouched regions to explore.

Revdanda Beach

When you go camping in Revdanda, enjoy the beautiful sunset views over the sea while it soothes your soul and mind. Revdanda beach is a lovely location to go on a quiet getaway from the city with your family.

Enjoy a relaxing bonfire night with your family and friends in the evening, then sit around the fire to share funny stories. Guests will be able to attend one open-air Bollywood movie screening with a customized setup of projectors and speakers, as well as enjoy complimentary refreshments. Furthermore, enjoy delectable dishes such as Breakfast and Dinner to quench your taste buds.

Kanakeshwar Forest

Kanakeshwar Forest is one of the most popular excursions in Alibaug because it is a thick jungle with numerous rare flora and fauna. The climate is pleasant, and there are enough winds for it to be on the Konkan coast near Alibaug.

An ancient Shiva temple on a tiny hill near the Mapgaon village is at the height of 1200 feet, with 700 to 750 steps leading to the temple, which is another reason to bring people there.


So, you’re all set for your weekend getaway to Alibaug but are feeling a little hesitant. You don’t know what the weather will be like or how safe it is there since this place is so far off the radar of most people in India. But never fear! With our handy guide on everything you need to know before heading out for some sun and sand, we’ve got everything covered, from packing lists to cultural dos and don’ts.