Travelling is characterized by a range of micro-climates, including the sweat-inducing sunny tarmac, air-conditioned interiors such as in your car or aeroplane, and evening breeze to mention a few. Fighting these changes, however, can be done by adopting a smart travel outfit. Here is a look at some of the comfy travel outfits to ease your pursuit of peasant travels.

What should you wear when travelling?

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Are you comfortable in that outfit? Can you quickly adjust as per the requirements? Well, apart from ensuring that the fabric is breathable, you need to choose a travel outfit that you can easily adjust, a smart approach is dressing in layers. From travel scarves, blankets, and wraps to easy to wear and remove outfits, you need to conveniently put on and off the clothing as the climate changes.

You might need to walk, sometimes even more than you planned. To avoid dragging your feet, blisters, and uncomfortable situations that might require you to throw your shoes away, choose walkable, comfortable and simple shoes. You can further complement it with support or compression socks or stockings for maximum comfort. Don’t forget insoles, as well. Get great plantar fasciitis insoles if you’re already struggling with this issue. Enough pockets, while initially might not seem significant, also comes in handy as you can stash smaller items such as your phone.

While you could be travelling to warmer regions, don’t make the mistake of leaving your light cardigan or jacket. Keeping warm and comfortable should be prioritized, and as you pack right and light, including fitting and light but warm clothing is necessary. Following your unique and stylish taste, you can easily implement the tips to tailor a comfy travel outfit for your travels.

What should you not wear when travelling?

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While striving to look classy, you can easily be tempted to over-accessorize or splash your style with an overly-branded outfit. Flashy accessories can be annoying, especially if they keep on making noisy sounds like a jingle bell. Overly-branded outfit from head to toe coupled with accessories, moreover, makes you stand out and can easily be marked as a target. Make it simple, but that doesn’t mean throwing your stylish fashion out of the window as you can still match varying items for a simple but stylish look. However, don’t be too revealing as that could rub some people the wrong way, or pick an outfit that doesn’t match your destination’s customs. Pyjamas are also out of the question, and should only be worn in the comfort of your bedroom or home.

As you strive to keep it simple, don’t wear overly casual items, especially with slogans or graphics. Some of such displays could be offensive to some people, and could even land you in trouble, for instance, should you need their help when you are stuck. Complicated and heavy items are automatic don’ts, especially items you can easily adjust, or heavy shoes that you can hardly walk with. While picking the shoes, do away with complicated closures, straps or buckles, as that would waste lots of your valuable time.

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