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Traveling via Flights in the past few years have grabbed some attention. Not only due to the fact that it is becoming cheaper but also people have started to prioritize time over money and hence flights have got some good attention.

Booking tickets via the traditional way of heading to the airport or by moving to an agent is quite old and hectic as you have to be in the lines for quite long and even have to pay some additional charges. Even when it comes to business class flights, you need to go through a lot of time-consuming processes. When it comes to other forms of booing the tickets you have only a few options left which turn to be booked via an Online medium or the online website of the airways or via any other third party site, or via the mobile apps available.

There are a number of apps available since the income of Android phones, and the fact that the mobiles are available with each and everyone. Today we will be talking about the best of 5 applications from a list of apps which books airline tickets. Let us first enlist all of them then we will have a look at each of them on why they are the best and you should choose over one another.

  • Flights
  • SkyScanner – All Flights!
  • Booking Ticket Pesawat
  • Airport (All) + Flight Tracker
  • Indonesia Flight

1. Flights

Booking flights are quite easy when you have everything quite clear and you know what to do in the app after opening the same. Flights app is like the same, straight and forwards where you will get to search for the flights after entering the destination and the app will help you to make trips and even shows the time between the connecting flight and all on the main search page so it is quite easy for most of the time.  Planning with the app quite easy and Flights app gets bug fixes and regular update from the developer hence the app tends to be quite reliable.

2. Skyscanner – All Flights!

Finding cheap flights are not easy, but Skyscanner one of the best flight search app which was even featured in Google’s Play Store list for quite a while. The app provides us features that save our time as it helps us to get the results as fast as possible. Skyscanner app will not let you complete your transaction but will give you the link or contact details of the agent from where you can book the flight and avail the deal.

3. Booking Ticket Pesawat

There is plenty of flight booking apps and you can easily choose one from them, but the Booking Ticket Pesawat lets you book the ticket without any extra additional costs. Although the app has quite selected the number of airlines as of now which is increasing day by day. It might be a quite tedious task if you are not getting airlines of your choice, still, the app counts into the top 5 apps for flight booking as it bargains off on the administration fees making the flight tickets cheaper and without any convenience fee.

4. Airport (All) + Flight Tracker

The application houses its own offer tab which accumulates all the ongoing offer on different airlines and on different websites. The app also enables us to search the flights just like other apps will do but also showcases the pricing in low to high filter by default making the app the best when it comes to cost saving.

5. Indonesia Flight

This app is powered by the website which is the best platform for booking any kind of travel tickets. The app makes it quite easy for us to transact for an airline ticket. The application has UPI integration which makes the application have one-click payment facility. Although the app is named after Indonesia still you can book the flights for any country and hence you will not have to worry to get another application.

These are some of the applications which are our best 5 picks for Top apps to book flight tickets. Do let us know your own 5 picks for best apps to book flight tickets in the comment section below.

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