luxury kitchen design

As the month of May is slipping away we are becoming more indoor bound. This is the time when we make ourselves busy with sprucing up our homes. When it comes to the kitchen, we feel to be running out of ideas. In fact, many kitchen installers and kitchen designers are quoted saying “practice makes perfect”. The matter of the fact is kitchens are the heart and soul of the house. If your kitchen is in a good state it will reflect in the whole house. There are many Kitchen Makers in Auckland who uphold this idea.

In this article, we will be focusing on those ideas which will make your kitchen beautiful in low cost and give a lasting effect to your efforts.

1. Bring Spring in Your Kitchen

Whether it’s summer or winter you can always bring some spring in your kitchen. With a couple of plants in your kitchen here and there, your kitchen is spring beautiful. Nothing is more refreshing than fresh blooms and green organisms in your kitchen. A little diversion from your busy cooking schedule or call it a sense of nature. Check out Pinterest for some great ideas from the Kitchen Designers.

2. Dress up your sink area

The sink area is probably the most prominent area in the whole kitchen. It takes up a whole lot space too. Expert kitchen installers design kitchens with a window for an outdoor view where the sink is. Washing dishes is the most boring task in the kitchen. That’s why many kitchen designers suggest an outdoor view for the sink area. Dress up your sink area with some jars, plants or perhaps a customized or recycled soap dispenser.

3. Decorate the fridge with creative stuff

A Fridge is the bread and butter of any kitchen. They also, inadvertently, become the notice board or canvas to showcase activities. Fridge magnets and sticky notes are available easily. You can get plenty of ideas from kitchen designers, who share their thoughts on Pinterest and Facebook.

4. Make the most of your paint chips

Paint chips are often ignored, thrown away or just discarded like they don’t have any worth. Paint chips can give an amazing look and feel to your kitchen when you know how to reuse them. There are plenty of ideas like this one which uses paint chips to create a work of art. A mosaic art out of paint chips on your wall can be the best thing you ever do in your kitchen.

5. Organize your countertop

Countertops are the gateways to your kitchen. Depending on how the kitchen Installers does your countertop, it can be fun organizing it. A typical kitchen countertop is made of marble and a wooden tray can elegantly dress it up. A beautiful vase with a couple of tulips perhaps or a wooden tray with assorted items can do the magic. Expert kitchen designers pay special attention to a kitchen countertop for a lasting impression.

KMC Kitchens believes you should have the widest possible choice when getting a new kitchen for your home. Give your kitchen a wow factor; hire the best kitchen makers in Christchurch.