Let’s face it: it’s hard to stay healthy in this modern world. From xenoestrogen in plastics and drinking water to long office hours to mass-produced food engineered to make us depressed and fat. In fact, we had to try extra hard to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

That is, until the rave about juicing. Practically everyone is raving about juicing from health professionals to celebrities to health gurus. Yes, a lot of health benefit is attributed to juicing, but what about the obscure benefits?. These benefits are not only mind-blowing but crucial to our total well-being.

  1. Do you know that juicing is the fastest possible way to supply your body with nutrients?

In today’s society, it’s really had to get the right nutrients and minerals in processed foods. It’s no wonder that two-thirds of our population is obese and overweight. Juicing is the only way to remedy this deficiency of necessary nutrients and minerals. The body acts as juicer by extracting nutrients and minerals from fruits and vegetables. However, with juicing, you reduce the stress of digesting fruit and vegetable fibers. Since the Juicer performs all of the extraction processes, the plant nutrients are immediately absorbed into the body’s intestinal walls.

  1. Juicing can raise your testosterone levels

Surprised?. Nature has a way of supplying us with practically everything we need for a healthy lifestyle, and there’s no better way to extract the richness of nature than juicing fruits and vegetables. Fruits like Beet and Pomegranate are Nature’s Viagra. Beet juice and Pomegranate juice can raise the body’s testosterone levels, hence, increases sexual activity. In fact, scientists discovered just that just a glass of pomegranate juice for a fortnight is enough the) to raise libido in both men and women.

  1. Juicing gives you an athletic edge

Every year, athletes spend so much on expensive specialized drugs and training regiments, without realizing the potential of fruits and vegetables. If you are a combat sports enthusiast, an endurance athlete, or just some guy doing basic routines at the gym, then you seriously need the boost from juiced fruits and veggies. For example, beet juice helps to increase the endurance of cyclists all around the world. Furthermore, beet juice contains nitrates, which helps in vasodilation, i.e, causes your blood vessels to expand. A wider blood vessel increases the amount of blood in the muscles, and this helps to increase the size of the muscles during “pumps”  in the gym.

  1. Helps in detoxification

The liver is responsible for the removal of toxins in the body. Although there are many detox systems being advertised nothing beats the natural effects of fruits and vegetables. The liver needs the phytonutrients and minerals present in food products, in order to cleanse and detox itself.

  1. You need a better juicer for optimum benefits

The more you spend on a juicer, the better juice quality you get. Yes, most expensive juicers actually produce better- tasting and nutrient-filled juice. A masticating juicer will yield more juice from leafy greens than centrifugal juicers.