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Blogging is truly transformed into a profession in recent time. People love to blog about their hobbies, passion and also a profession. It is the best possible way to sum up, your life and interest in amazing words. If you are interested in blogging, you have landed at the right place. This article is a must read if you are planning to launch a blog soon, we have covered all the important aspects which you should not ignore while starting with a blog.

  1. Identify your interest

The first and foremost thing about blogging is to identify your interest. You cannot continue something for a long time if you are not passionate about it. Always identify your interest, passion, knowledge. It could be anything like cooking, makeup, the stock market, sales, new gadgets etc.

  1. Get a Domain Name

Before getting started with the blog, you must have a domain name of your website. It can be anything like a combination of your name or passion or a unique name which represents your interests. Each domain name is unique which helps the audience to identify your website.

You can approach any reliable domain providers and get a domain by paying a nominal annual cost. Once you have finalized a perfect domain name for your website, you can start with posting contents which are otherwise called a blog post.

When you are buying a domain name avoid buying number and special symbols. It is always advisable to opt Dotcom. Never buy a domain name with adjacent or double/triple letters. Look for domain related to your industry and interest.

Once you finalize your domain name, opt for a reliable hosting provider. It is always advisable to opt for annual or 2-3 years plan. This will help you to save a lot of money. As a first-time blogger, you can opt for shared hosting.

  1. Content Management System

This is a very crucial part for all the bloggers. Almost all the blogs make use of WordPress to manage and maintain their content effectively. It is simple to work on and highly user-friendly. The WordPress CMS works similar to Microsoft Word.  WordPress allows you to access a wide range of options like adding pictures, making the text content bold, italic, coloured, change in font size, font style etc.

Moreover, WordPress allows you to choose and install the plugins as per your blog’s need. Their plugins are highly helpful in enhancing the overall functionality of WordPress. WordPress is an open source platform which can be installed in just a single click, the overall management is very easy and simple.

But, there are also few drawbacks of WordPress. It doesn’t support all type of video formats. So if your website is mostly based on video content you can use Online video converter tool, which allows you to convert the video files into MP4 format.

You can use online video converter for free and convert any media file up to 100 MB to mp4.

  1. Social Media Attention

All small, as well as big companies, make use of social media to promote their products and services. Social media integration is must if you want to promote your blog.  Social media promotion is must to get immediate audience attention. Install a WordPress plugin which will help you to enable quick sharing of all your post on WordPress.

  1. Choose the Right Theme

WordPress provides with brilliant of themes which you can install and explore. Before finalizing a theme, make sure to explore multiple theme options based on your blog category. These themes make the WordPress blog more approachable and elegant on a computer screen. Also, make sure when you are selecting a theme for your website it should be fully compatible with mobile screens. It will help you to stay ahead in the SEO game.

There are many paid as well as free theme available for WordPress based on the categories.  For a newbie, it is best to opt for a few free WordPress themes, you can get an idea about the interface once the theme is installed.

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