A girl wearing Christmas Hat

Christmas is one time of the year when the entire family should gather, make merry and be happy for yet another fantastic year they have had. It should be fun, exciting and with lots of foods and drinks and a myriad of activities that will lighten up people’s moods with laughter and joy. However, you don’t need to have a lot of money or visit an exotic winter destination to get the most of Christmas. Sometimes, it is the little things you do that makes the difference, especially when you are with family during rare moments as Christmas. This is why we have outlined a few fun and simple ways you can use to get the most out of this Christmas.

Enjoy the buildup to Christmas

You have probably heard about “the twelve days of Christmas,” and this simply means that Christmas is a season you should enjoy and not just wait for the actual day on the 25th of December to get the most out of it. You should start to build the anticipation well before the day by ensuring that all family members are looking up to it, and also inviting anyone who could be far away so that they can come and have their Christmas with the rest of the family. Once everyone gathers around, start talking about the day, do some shopping and make some actual plans on what you wish to achieve on that day. With such, there will be anticipation about the day, people will be anxious and time will pass without anyone noticing.

Christmas movie night

How best would you spend a cold winter night than spend the time with your loved ones watching an entertaining Christmas movie night? And by the way, this doesn’t have to be on the very last day to Christmas. You can make it a habit to watch a movie for all the twelve days of Christmas. Besides, there are a plethora of Christmas movies you can indulge in every night till Christmas is over. This is a more relaxing and rewarding way compared to engaging in games such as unscramble which may require some mental power or the help of scrabble cheat, yet you just want your mind, soul and body to relax as you enjoy your Christmas.

Read Christmas stories with the family

If you have a young family, especially which kids eager to learn more about Santa and his gifts, this would be a great time to teach and entertain them with the plethora of Christmas stories available today. Simply gather the family around the fire and start telling stories about Christmas. This is also a good time to tell the kids about Jesus, His birth and exploits here on earth and let them know that for Christians, He is the sole reason for the celebrations of Christmas. Actually, Christmas is the birthday of Jesus.

Do some shopping online

Of course, there will be no Christmas that will be complete without some shopping and with the advent of the internet, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to go out to the stores – though it could be a good thing to enjoy the snow as well. But you can take the time to do some shopping, buy gifts for your friends and loved ones and just make everyone in the family happy by presenting them with some sort of a gift. Again, you don’t have to go overboard or buy very expensive gifts. Always remember that it is the little things you do to your loved ones that matter the most.

Write a letter to Santa

Writing a letter to Santa may sound like a nine-year-old affair and if you have kids, the Christmas period is a nice time to let them write a letter to Santa. For them, it will mean literal things they would wish Santa to bring to them. But for adults, these can be goals you wish to achieve for the next year. Whether you are planning on getting a new boyfriend, girlfriend, a baby etc. now would be a good time to put them on a paper so that you get some clarity. As a family, you can sit down and look at the dreams and the aspirations of the family and then write down family goals. It is a great way to bring the family together and let everyone know what you all expect to achieve as a family.

Start a new Christmas tradition

There are a plethora of Christmas traditions around the world, but it is not possible for every family to observe these traditions each and every Christmas. It means that you can always start on new traditions every Christmas so that you always have something new and exciting for each Christmas. Together with the family, start a completely new thing such as visiting the homeless or the less fortunate in the society, feeding the street families, or go for a walk on the Christmas Eve for a new perspective. Just strive to start something you haven’t been doing in a very long time.

Play Christmas games

There are hundreds of games you can play during the Christmas period, and for a family, this is a great way to bond and have fun in a way you might not have heard in a very long time. Look for simple games with easy setups and let everyone join in and have the fun. Some of the popular Christmas games you may consider include snowball fights, Christmas tree game, murder mystery hunt, the red rose reindeer game, and Christmas song picture scramble amongst others.

Enjoy the turkey

If you are in the west, then you know that turkey is part and parcel of every Christmas and it is one meal that everyone usually look forward to during the Christmas festivities. For a change, try preparing the turkey in a different style or method since there are several turkey recipes you can try out for Christmas. Then ensure that you truly indulge and enjoy the turkey to the maximum.