The year 2020 brought with it a number of struggles and hardships as the infamous pandemic hit us hard and sent us all into lockdown and a life with social distancing. In times like these, people turned towards some exciting TV shows to relax their minds and escape the dreadful reality.

Subscription to cable TV services such as Suddenlink TV increased as people looked for more content to watch. They combined cable TV with streaming services and finished season after season.  Today, we have brought some of these very shows that failed expectations or they have run their course and yet they have been renewed for another season.

Emily in Paris

When the show premiered in October 2020, everyone was amazed at the show’s inaccuracies and ridiculousness of the plot. The show features Emily Cooper (depicted by Lily Collins), who moves to Paris from Chicago, without even the basic knowledge of the French language.

She has been transferred to Paris instead of her boss, who finds out she is pregnant the last moment. Not only does she ends up making some ridiculous friends, but she also manages to portray some strange French stereotypes that are not currently valid. Alas! The show has still been renewed for a second season.

Space Force

Starring Steve Carell as the lead of his own comedy show, the fans expected an insane level of comedy and tummy-tickling humor from the legendary comic. The show stars Carell as a General in armed forces. Heis assigned the task of heading a new division of the armed forces called The Space Force.

The show managed to disappoint all its viewers as it did not deliver on its promise and was seen relying on some old tricks and formula to entertain viewers. Even legendary actors like John Malkovich, Ben Schwartz, and Lisa Kudrow (aka Phoebe from FRIENDS) were not able to uplift the show with their comedic marvels. Despite all of it, the producers still have plans to continue this train wreck.


This show is set in a post-apocalyptic environment after the world has been declared inhabitable. Seven years after the world has reached the next ice age, whatever is left of the human race is forced to live the rest of their lives in a gigantic train that continuously orbits the globe.

Even though the plot of the movie is quite insane, it did not manage to live up to the expectations as it couldn’t match the book from which it was adapted. The story gets hard to keep track of and fans are not ready for that. Still, it is scheduled to reappear for a second season.


Westworld was a new treat for fans when it aired for the first time. The show focused on a world where people get to visit an insane new amusement park called Westworld that is populated with Android, which is not that different from real humans. These programmable robots can take form of any and all individuals that visitors desire. However, their deepest desires may turn into their darkest nightmares.

After the events of the season finale of the second season, the cast has finally returned to the real world and all of its cruelties. The show may claim to have a unique concept but no character was able to make its way into viewers’ hearts. All the show offers is unnecessary violence and vague storylines hoping that would be enough for viewers to enjoy. Despite that, it may return for a fourth installment.

Social Distance

As if the pandemic and social distancing in reality weren’t enough, Hollywood had to bring a show called Social Distance to add to the despair. The show features eight mini-episodes recorded in remote environments using telecommunication software like Skype and Zoom.

The series shows how different communities of people are managing with the prevailing pandemic and other issues such as the death of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter protest. No one needs to be reminded of these horrendous realities. People are already living them as we speak, no need to remind them via shows like Social Distance.


Starring legendary actor Al Pacino, the show was expected to be engaging for at least more than one season. Unfortunately, with its unnecessary brutal nature, and unsettling images of the violence against the Jews during the Holocaust, the show was a major disappointment.

Shown in the 1970s, Al Pacino takes on the role of Meyer Offerman, who leads a team of Nazi hunters to hunt down former members of the Third Reich. The show managed to offend a major chunk of the global population. And yet, it stays on air.

Summing It Up

Not every show follows the same pace and might need some time for the audience to accept it. That being said, some shows are way beyond redemption, and producers should take the hint and end audience’s misery.