Tables and chairs in vintage restaurant

The restaurant industry has changed in the past decade and it’s time for your establishment to keep up. Many restaurants are faced with outdated elements because they can’t keep up with the ever-changing industry. You may feel overwhelmed by the costs and time it takes. Updating your restaurant doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Making a few small changes can change the way customers perceive your restaurant. Here are five ways you can update your restaurant.

Update the Decor

Before your customers see your food or waitstaff, they will take in the atmosphere of your restaurant. This is important for making the first impression with your guests. It’s often based on the color scheme, decor, and surrounding decorations. If your restaurant decor is outdated, then it should be updated as soon as possible.

Look at your restaurant with fresh eyes and find out ways to improve it. Maybe that includes a new color scheme that relates to your brand or concept. Or, you could add plants to the dining area or hang artwork along the walls. If you’re having trouble seeing what needs an update, then hire an interior designer to help you out.

Don’t forget about the design of the bathroom, as it’s often the case. Choose commercial bathroom partitions that will go nicely with the design of your restaurant.

Re-Design Your Menu

Your menu is one of the last things you have in mind when it comes to updating your restaurant. But it can make a huge impact on how your customers view your establishment. If your menus have fraying covers, then it gives the impression that your establishment is cheap and shabby. Instead of pre-designing or printing your own menus, you can create your own design on free design software such as Canva.

If you want your menus to look more professional, then hire a local graphic designer to help you out. Combine your old and updated menu with a newly re-designed menu that complements the look and feel of your restaurant. The cover should also be durable enough that it resists spills and stains.

Implement New Technology

Is your POS system merely just billing software? It’s time to implement to use POS updates that transforms it into an evolved restaurant management tool. While there are restaurant owners who are reluctant on using the best POS system for their business, there are some who can’t decide whether to upgrade or replace their existing one. It’s time to change your POS system if it comes with limited payment options, slows down service, and can’t keep up with your restaurant’s growth. POS updates can be accessed with the touch of an app, which reduces the need for professional service, saving you time and money.

Update Dinnerware & Tableware

The utensils that serve your food can also have an effect on how your customers perceive your restaurant. If you’re using old china or glassware that has chips and scratches, then it’ll reflect poorly on your restaurant. Most restaurants don’t want to change their dinnerware every so often but there are plenty of affordable options.

Melamine is one example of dinnerware that’s affordable and looks similar to upscale dinnerware, which is ideal for restaurants that want to look sophisticated but are on a budget.

Always choose dinnerware that reflects your restaurant’s concept. If you use bright and bold colors, then use bright and bold plates. Your glassware should complement your plates. If your glassware is cloudy, dingy, or outdated, then it’s time to replace it. Ideally, you should replace your dinnerware if it’s over 20 years old.

Use Light Creatively

There are two types of lighting that look outdated. The first is the look of your light fixtures. If you’ve used them for the past 30 years, then it’s time to replace them. Instead, use modern light fixtures that create an ambiance. It’s also important to choose the type of lighting that your fixtures give off.

Your lighting reflects the atmosphere of your restaurant. If you’re still using fluorescent lighting, it’ll prevent your decor from creating a relaxing environment. Changing the amount of light you use in your restaurant can positively impact the ambiance. More light can give a welcoming appeal, while soft lighting can create an intimate and romantic feel.

You can also adjust the natural light entering into your establishment with blinds and curtains. Not only do curtains direct the amount of light that enters your restaurant, but they also offer decorative appeal and a splash of color that can complement your color scheme and concept.