For a long time, stress was perceived as something used as an excuse to explain that you are tired, exhausted or frustrated. But over the years, studies showed that stress is actually responsible for a lot of health issues. From cancer, cardiovascular disease, depression to insomnia and heartburn, stress is the enemy of the modern world.

When we are under stress our body produces hormones that are responsible for “fight or flight” response. But if these hormones are produced every day, then your health is at serious risk which is expressed through your body. And just like other organs, skin is affected by stress at work and home as well and these are 6 symptoms it may develop.


Psoriasis is when too many skin cells build up and form scaly patches everywhere on the body. The cause for this condition is inflammation and it is induced by stress. That is why people who have psoriasis often end up with flare-ups when in stressful situations.

Besides paying attention to diet, using various products and supplements for psoriasis, you should also include some activity to reduce stress. Just make sure that you wear appropriate clothes in order to prevent further irritation to your skin condition. Some non-sweaty activities include meditation, appointments with psychologist or painting, sculpting, and other art forms.


Rosacea is a skin disease that affects many people no matter the gender, although women are more prone to it. There is no cure and the cause is unknown but research in the field helps us understand what makes it worse. One of those things that aggravate the condition is stressful situations both physical and psychological.

There are four types of rosacea with redness and flushing as the first one, acne-like breakouts, thickening of the nose skin and fourth one includes symptoms in around eyes. Stress causes rosacea flare-ups and you experience heightened redness across the nose, chin, and cheeks. Since any physical exertion only makes rosacea worse, consider meditating and quick calming techniques.

Rash and hives

Hives are actually pretty common when you are overstressed and this condition is sometimes referred to as stress rash. These are red raised spots or welts which can differ in size but occur anywhere on the body. They are very uncomfortable because the areas under hives are itchy, and sometimes you can even develop tingling or burning sensation.

Hormonal and chemical changes in the body caused by stress can lead to the onset of hives. But this skin problem can in some instances last longer than six weeks and then it is considered chronic. Nonetheless, most stress rashes are mild and if you take actions the symptoms will disappear or lessen.

Since the biggest problem is itching, you can take nonprescription antihistamines or take a cool bath. Your doctor may prescribe you some steroids, antibiotics or anti-anxiety medication, but you can also try to deal with the problem without any of those. Find an outlet to manage your stress, like certain activity like sports or social engagements which will help you de-stress yourself.


Emotional stress is one of the triggers for eczema and can even worsen the symptoms on already existing ones. People with eczema have an overreactive immune system which manifests in inflammations when attacked. Eczema is red, itchy and painful skin condition which shows up as manifestations of these inflammations.

While avoiding triggers like irritant substances and using products to treat dry skin will help, the hardest will be to control the amount of stress you are exposed to. First of all, you need to treat eczema the right way and just how your physician prescribed. And once you start with the treatment, it’s time to eliminate emotional stress and prevent flair-ups.

Get enough sleep and use some meditation techniques to come down and free your mind of thoughts that cause stress. Yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi are all about breathing and movements that will calm you down and help you relax. Think about positive things in your life like children, pets, family, and friends, and try some calming activities like crossword puzzles or knitting.


Stress hormone cortisol is a known factor for breaking down collagen from the skin. This means that the more stress you experience, the more collagen you will lose due to the high production of cortisol. In time, this will become too overwhelming for your body and it won’t be able to compensate lost collagen.

And that is what causes wrinkles among other things. As experts from Panthea Clinic cleverly point out, environment, time and gravity eventually take their toll on the way your face looks, leading to wrinkles, a tired look, changes in the shape of the face or a loose neck and jowls. Dedicate time to your beauty regime and do yoga to calm your body so it would produce less cortisol and deplete your collagen.


You probably noticed acne showing up or flaring up just when you have some stressful even ahead of you, like a test or job interview. This, of course, has everything to do with hormones which are created during stress. Many call this event stress breakout and it’s more common than you may think.

Besides cortisol, the body goes into overproduction of androgens male hormones which women produce as well. This hormone stimulates oil glands to go into overproduction as well, and that is when the trouble really starts. Excess oil combined with dirt, dead skin cells and P. acnes bacteria starts clogging the pores and acne gets inflamed.

Acne outbreak is also caused by certain foods we tend to eat when stressed. A poor daily diet will make the blemishes worse, not to mention cause other health problems as well. Also, when stressed some people may touch their face too much, so avoid that as well since you will only worsen your acne problem.

In the end

Think about skin symptoms as warning that your stress levels are through the roof. Stress at work and home are bound to happen but you can still control to what extent. Star with activities that make you feel good and visit your dermatologist to diagnose the problems and treat it right.

Soon enough you will notice fewer flair-ups and that will also be another de-stressing element in your life.