Today online shopping has become a multi-billion industry, all thanks to shopping addicts all over the world. Convenience, ease of use, time-saving, and most importantly, money-saving online shopping has become a part of our life. Especially when it comes to shopping for our favorite gadget.

Technology gadgets are inevitable, no matter if you are a gadget addicted individual or not. We all shop these gadgets almost often- as gifts for loved ones or ourselves. So, what are the things that should be considered before buying gadgets? Quality, performance, brand, and cost.

Tech gadgets can indeed be expensive as compared to other items. There are multiple shopping websites out there offering the same product at different prices. As a customer, it is our need to save as much as possible. So, here we are going to help you with 7 tips, that can help you in saving money while shopping for your favorite gadget.

1.  Go for authentic Coupon websites or plugins

We all, love to get some discounts using coupon codes or from the best seasonal deals. According to the coupon culture Report by, around 95.4% of Americans and 86.9% of Brits have used an online coupon to claim a discount at least once.

While shopping you can see that the whole internet is flooded with insane discounts and offers, most of them offered by shopping coupon websites or browser plugins. But a majority of them can be misleading. There are two options before you. One, waste your time by using wrong or expired coupons. Two, go for authentic websites so that you can save maximum while paying for your favorite gadget.

Shopper is one of the best plugins that can help you save money while shopping online. Just 3 steps, that’s all you have to do while shopping and you get the right gadget at the right rate.

First, add extension to your browser and sign up. And now it’s time for shopping. Shop your favorite gadgets and in one click, will find you the best coupon code for you automatically. That means maximum savings.

2.  Use Online Comparison tools

One of the most popular ways to buy gadgets at the lowest rates is to compare its price on each website. Yes, it can be exhausting. Tha’s why it is preferred to use an online comparison tool.

Google Shopping, camelcamelcamel, ShopMania, etc are some of the popular online comparison websites out there.

This will help you in finding price drops, best deals, special discounts, etc in your favorite website for your favorite gadget.

3.  Consider pick up at the store option

Most of the time, even though they offer gadget at great prices, the shipping charges that is reveled at the final payment section can be shocking. This is one of the smart and evil tricks that is hidden in their sleeves to charge you more.

Don’t worry. Check out the ‘pick up at store’ option.

This will help you to order online and pick up the product directly from the store. Also, this way you don’t have to wait for the delivery man, simply go get the product from the nearest store.

4.  Leave items in the cart and wait

Usually, all the giant shopping websites come up with the big deals every now and then, offering amazing discounts. Want to save more? Leave your gadget item in the shopping cart for a day or two.

There will be two benefits. First is that there is a high chance that the website or app will offer you a special discount to make you buy that item. The next advantage is that it will help you to avoid making impulsive purchases, which is often proved to be a bad decision.

5.  Try online wallets

Nowadays there are several online or mobile wallets available. For example, Paytm, PhonePe, Mobikwik, etc. These online wallets usually offer instant cashback on favorite gadgets or any purchase you make.

Also, you can opt for exclusive paid memberships which provide some added savings like cash rewards. Make sure to benefit maximum fro these virtual wallets. It also comes with added advantages like increased security and loyalty points.

6.  Research well gadget before buying

Doing a proper research before buying a tech gadget can save you a lot. Compare not only the price range but do consider other factors like quality and performance. Go through authentic reviews. There are a number of websites and YouTube channels by technology lovers offering unbiased reviews of the latest tech gadgets.

Even though there are a large number of tools available, you can do it yourself without any tool, do it online or offline- if and only if you are ready to spend some more time into this gadget shopping. Also, if you are looking for an up-gradation from your gadget in hand, give it some time. Set a suitable budget and be sure about the purpose of the gadget. Look for extra features or specifications that can come in handy. This way you can ensure that you are buying the right product worth value for the money that you are paying.

7.  Avoid extended warranty option

It is often seen that dealers compelling their customers to opt for an extended warranty, like two to five years. This will make that gadget more costlier, making you pay more.

warranty option in Amazon

Warranties are important. It can help you in assuring that your favorite gadget will be protected for some time without any money loss. Almost all products come with a warranty ty period of one year, which enough. So, don’t go for an extended warranty, most often they are of no use other than just wastage of money.

So, that’s the list. These are some of the awesome tips for online shoppers while purchasing tech gadgets. There is no secret behind saving money. The idea is simple, be smart, and implement the right tricks at the right time by combining these tips and tricks. And be alert and leverage maximum on lucrative special offers.

These smart hacks will come in handy not only for gadgets but also for every purchase you are planning to make. The sense of saving a lot can give you a superb shopping experience. Be a smart shopper and happy shopping to you.


Revathy NairRevathy Nair is a content writer/technical writer with a passion for creating content that can engage people, thereby boosting the online visibility of my clients. Writing has always been my thing, and now I have chosen it as my career.