Ski trips, no matter if they are one-day trips, a weekend getaway, or a week’s vacation, are among the most memorable vacations a family can take. However, there is a lot more that goes into planning than most people think. 

You’ve already searched all of the Banff homes for sale, ski tickets, food options, and possibly lessons if you are taking any first-timers. No matter how much you plan and prepare for, the whole trip won’t work if you forget about ski equipment. If you do not already own the proper gear for skiing, resorts have rentals that you can use, but be sure you have enough money to spend on this equipment.


Typically, ski rentals can cost anywhere from $20 a day per person to over $50 a day, and it all depends on the resort and what they are offering you. Fancier resorts might cost a little more because they tend to have the latest and highest quality equipment. 

On the other hand, resorts that are a little cheaper tend to have older equipment, so renting equipment will be lower. If you keep an eye on the website of the resort you are skiing at, you might find a deal on a package, so be sure to keep all of your price options in mind.

What Rentals Come With

Most resorts give you options for deciding what you need to ski for the day. If you have everything but skis, you will be able only to rent skis. However, resorts will also offer you ski poles, goggles, helmets, and ski boots. While packing for your trip, be sure to pack plenty of warm clothing, ski jackets, gloves, snow pants, and any other clothing items you might need, because most resorts do not have clothing available. 

Damage Insurance

Another cost that sometimes gets added to renting ski equipment is insurance to protect you from paying for any damaged equipment. This usually only costs a few dollars, and any longtime skier would recommend buying it. While you might not end up breaking or damaging any equipment, it is better to be more safe than sorry. Paying for a new set of skis or shoes is a lot more than the cost of insurance, so do not be intimidated by the few extra dollars.

Ski trips are always so much fun, so do not let the idea of having to spend extra money on ski equipment bring you down. There are almost always skiing rental stores in major ski towns that are not on the resort with the necessary equipment for lower prices. Before you go, take a look on the internet and see any other options for renting before you settle for the resort’s gear, because you never know what kind of rental prices you may find. No matter where or how you get your rentals, a memorable ski trip is bound to happen.