Utah has always been home to diverse cultures. Therefore, it comes as no surprise there is so much to enjoy in this part of the world, for locals and tourists alike. This article lists “9 fun things to do” in SLC, some of which you may have already experienced!

    1. Living Traditions

This is a celebration that normally takes places over a weekend in May. It has free entry and is the annual celebration of the different cultures that have made Utah their home. There are local performers who sing and dance and bring to life a host of on-stage performances. There is a craft fair, nearby, and you have to just hop across to the neighbouring food fair if you’re hungry!

    2. City Creek Center

It is amongst the newest and trendiest of malls, one of the best retreats from the summer sun. But it is vital to dress “appropriately”. One of the rules even states that children need to keep their clothes on at all times. There is a free fountain show at the end and the start of every hour, and other free activities include a tour of fish in the waterways and discovering animal and fossil tracks on the sidewalk.

    3. Clark Planetarium

One of the major pluses is that it charges nothing for entry. People need to pay only for IMAX or the star shows. There are options like checking one’s weight across the different planets and seeing metal balls flowing in Newton’s Daydream! It is easily one of the most popular places to take kids around and it is never too late for adults to have some fun with science.

   4. The Downtown City Library

The city library is also one of the most popular places in town, for people of all age groups, due to its abundance of books. The City Library is also home to one of the best and largest children’s collections along with themed reading areas. Other spots of interest include an outdoor waterfall that is private, a beehive and a rooftop garden.

   5. International Peace Gardens

One of the most unique places around, which of some sorts is a tribute to landmarks from around the world. There are 28 replica landmarks from different countries. Kids have a separate play area along with an area that is earmarked for picnics. There is also a trail that leads to the Jordan River Parkway.

  6. Temple Square

This 10-acre area with its 15-feet walls is easily the most well-known place in entire Salt Lake City. The visitors’ centre has two entrances, North and South. Free tours depart every half hour. This area also hosts two theatre venues and a couple of administrative buildings.

  7. Eccles Theatre

This is probably the latest addition to a host of places that have fun things to do. It can seat up to 2,500 people and has opened as recently as 2016. It is home to concerts, Broadway shows and other similar types of entertainment. It is one of the venues in Salt Lake City that celebrate arts and theatre.

  8. Thanksgiving Point

Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it is home to a kids-friendly dinosaur museum, which gives them the opportunity to dress like prehistoric creatures and also explore bones. There are exhibits that people can interact with to know about fossils from across the world. It is spread over a massive 55-acre lush green land with options for dining, shopping, movies, golf. It includes a petting farm, where visitors can come and work, and learn about barnyard animals mostly.

  9. Beerhive Pub

How could a place that offers more than 200 different types of beer not make it to this list? Thumbs up (and bottoms up)!

Local sightseeing tours are also among the best-known ways to get to know a place better while having fun. No matter what you do, keep your options open, and check out the natural wonders, historic places, and all those picturesque venues while you visit SLC UT.