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Just as its name states, a pair of work pants is a pair of pants you put on when working.  By working, I do not just mean going through any activity. Work pants were designed for people engaged in physical activities.

If you have a job that is messy and very active, you will need to get a pair of work pants. The reason for this is the roughness associated with physical jobs can make a pair of pants wear out much faster than they should. Work pants, on the other hand, are comfortable, durable, and will still be as good as new even after being washed severally. This is possible because they were built to withstand the roughness associated with physical labor.

If you will be changing jobs any time soon or have taken up a job that requires you to live a very active life, then, you will need a pair of work pants. And if you have not bought a pair of work pants before, you will most likely struggle at this.

To help you make the right choice when buying a pair of work pants even if you are doing this for the first time, we have taken the time to put up a guide. This guide will help you make the right choices the first time.

When buying work pants on True Top5 Review, there are lots of factors you need to consider. These factors are:


All things being equal, there are two major materials that are used in making work pants. These fabrics are cotton duck and denim. While denim and cotton duck are great for making work pants, they have different features. It is, therefore, important that you know what their features are. This will help you decide what fabric you will be most comfortable in.

Features of Cotton Duck

  • It might not be perfect if you need a flame-resistant fabric. It, however, helps in hot situations.
  • Good wind blocker
  • It features a smooth surface. Due to this, there is a reduced chance of it tearing. You will also be dealing less with sagging.

Features of Denim

  • This gets comfortable with each wash
  • They are not like fashion jeans. They are a lot thicker.
  • They are more comfortable than the cotton duck. But do not last as long.
  • They are ideal if you have to work in cold weather.


When working with work pants on, your two hands will be busy most of the time. This means it will be difficult to make sudden adjustments if you feel any form of discomfort either from your work pants being too tight or too loose. This is, therefore, a reason to buy a pair of work pants that fit.

So long the purchase of work pants is concerned, there are three main fits. They are slim, relaxed, and classic fit.

Slim Fit: Slim fit work pants should not be mistaken for tight pants. They are usually not tight. They are modern and are characterized with slimmer legs. They are comfortable and have leg openings which can cover your work boots.

Relaxed Fit: This type of fit is roomy and is most roomy of the major fits. If you want a pair of work pants that give you extra room in your thigh area, this is the ideal fit for you.

Classic Fit: This fit is ideal for people that are not comfortable with the largeness of the relaxed fit and the slimness of the slim fit. It is just somewhere at the center.

Weight of Fabrics

When buying work pants, you have to consider the weight of the fabric a work pant is made of before going ahead to purchase it. If you are not sure what the weight of a pair of work pants is, you simply need to look through its description.

If you take part in jobs that are very tasking, you will need to put on heavy fabrics. Although not the most comfortable fabrics, they are usually very durable.

If you have to work in a warm environment, you might not feel so comfortable with heavy fabrics. You will, therefore, need to take advantage of the existence of lighter fabrics. Lighter fabrics are not as durable as heavy fabrics. This means you should be prepared to change them earlier than you would heavy fabrics.

Look Out for Special Features

Work pants might appear like regular pants but are different. There is a higher demand on work pants. Due to these demands, it is easier for them to get damaged.

For a pair of work pants to last for a fairly long while, it needs some special features. These features are some of the things you need to look out for when buying work pants.

Some of these features are;

  • Wind-blocking technology
  • Reflective high-visibility tape
  • A hammer loop: This is a feature that can help you keep the hammer you use for working in place. This way, you do not need to go far to pick your hammer when you need it. You simply need to reach out and pick it from the hammer loop. If a pair of work pants does not feature a hammer loop, buying it might not be the best of decisions.
  • Fortified belt loops, wider belt loops, and extra belt loops. These might look like too much. They, however, will keep your work pants in place even after you have lots of tools you need for working attached.
  • Durable Water Repellent treatments: These treatments make it possible for water to bead off your pair of work pants when it is in a wet condition. The implication of this is except you are washing your pair work pants, you do not need to worry about it being wet and causing you discomfort.
  • Work pants should feature heavy-duty zippers. These zippers are way better than standard zippers used in regular clothing. They do not get damaged even after being used repeatedly. They are also able to withstand dirt effortlessly.
  • They feature bar-tacks. These extra stitches help keep seams reinforced.