Information technology impacts on all organizational processes including human resource. IT has brought about a digital revolution that changes our approach to almost everything in life. From how we socialize, how we communicate, and even how we consume information, IT can be felt everywhere.

Why Should Human Resource Use IT in Its Processes?

As such, companies must adopt digital innovations in every aspect of their operations. The need for such adoption is even more necessary in the human resource department. Leading thinkers in management speculate that the fortunes of companies rely on how well the company can adopt, attract and retain a diverse group of talented workers within its rank.

In the view of such findings, most human resource managers fill their daily schedules with administrative activities meant to help the organization attract the right talent. But this is a trap. Since the human resource management is heavily invested in manually trying to bridge the talent gap in its ranks, it loses focus of the bigger picture; keeping up with corporate strategy and giving the organization a competitive edge.

  1. Avoid KneeJerk Reaction to Talent Demands

Such an HR department is constantly embroiled in wars of poaching employees from other firms using underhanded methods. The result is that the HR department doesn’t deliver on its promise to the organization.

  1. Make Human Resource Processes Easier

However, if the department employed IT solutions to its mandate, the entire organization stands to benefit. Take, for example, an HR department that uses IT solutions for HR tasks such as tracking applicants.

The IT solution allows the HR department to closely monitor candidates of interest in new and exciting ways. For instance, the HR manager can track an applicant through social media, and contact them there giving the entire recruitment exercise a social and human feeling.

  1. Make the Recruitment Process More Humane

This beats the traditional form of recruitment where potential employees had to sit in a company’s lobby waiting for their turn at the interview. The systemic interview approach gave potential employees an impression that the organization was an impersonal entity they couldn’t develop a relationship with.

The employees would, therefore, view their employment as a task and nothing more. Such employees are less likely to be innovative, which means the organization loses out in the long run.

For the mindful corporation, incorporating IT into human resource processes brings on a lot of benefits. The company gets complete control over its human assets in a way that was not possible before.

  1. Motivating Employees and Attracting New Ones

Consider things such as creating incentives to further employee output. Through the use of an IT solution, the company can gain insight into how best to implement the strategy.

The IT solution learns from data and therefore can recommend the best application of incentives in the organization. Perhaps if the HR department in Enron implemented IT in their ranks, the catastrophe would have been avoided.

That’s not all. IT also makes it possible to keep track of human resource performance metrics. With an IT based HR solution, for instance, the one offered by Salesforce, you gain insight as to which strategies are working and which don’t.

Hence, you can adjust the strategy to give you the required results. Check out Salesforce Flosum at and see how you can benefit.