If you belong to a group of parents who always look forward to spending as much time as they can with their families – welcome to the club! Here is a list of three amazing bonding activities that will undoubtedly create some unforgettable memories, so check them out to get inspired. One thing is certain – both you and your kids will enjoy, no matter which one you pick!

Cooking together is never a bad idea

The first and one of the best ways to keep your family together and do something useful at the same time is cooking, so be sure to do that at least once a week. Weekends are perfect for this kind of family bonding time, and you should definitely start by coming up with a grocery list. Once your kids get up on Saturday morning, make sure to ask them what they would like to have for lunch, so that you can write down all the necessary ingredients in order not to forget anything. When you’re done with your breakfast, the whole family should go grocery shopping! Yes, we agree that sticking to your list can be a quite challenging task, as your kids are highly likely to throw their favorite snacks and sweets into the cart, and that’s why you should let them know in advance that you’ll buy the things from the grocery list only. When you’re back home, smaller kids can wash and peel the vegetables, and older ones can cut them into cubes and prepare everything for the cooking process. You can do the rest of the cooking while the kids are setting up the table. Apart from developing their love for cooking and having a lot of fun, your children will also establish healthy eating habits that last a lifetime, which is exactly what matters most!

Cycling as the ultimate family bonding activity

Getting physically active is another amazing way for a whole family to bond and spend more time together, so make sure that your family understands the importance of physical activity in the first place. We can all agree that cycling is undoubtedly one of the most beneficial activities for both kids and adults, so hop on your bikes and go for a long ride throughout your hometown. Of course, you should bear in mind that this can be a bit tricky if your kids are still very small. A balance bike is what the majority of parents choose for their toddlers lately, but if you prefer a traditional method that includes a bike with training wheels, you should certainly go for it instead. All you have to do is to be supportive and patient enough so that your kids feel safe with you by their side. Needless to say, the training wheels should be raised gradually, no matter how successful your kids may get, so that they can upgrade their skills one step at a time. When they grow up a little bit and the bike they have gets too small for them, you should get them new kids bicycles so that you can continue going for your cycling tours. Mountain bikes are always a fantastic choice, both for kids and for adults, as these will allow everyone to perform much better and with more success. Just make sure to bring some healthy homemade snacks and bottles of water in your backpack, and you’re good to go!

Come up with an authentic scrapbook or a photo book

Scrapbooking has always been one of the most popular activities among the children of all ages, and you know what? Handmade scrapbooks are an awesome reminder of your family traditions, vacations, and stories, as well as the good old everyday moments, which is why you should definitely take them into consideration. This activity is particularly fantastic when the weather is bad, as you can’t go outside to ride a bike when it’s raining. Staying inside can be quite challenging, especially when the kids are small and used to playing outdoors, but you don’t have to worry at all because there are super cool activities that can keep them busy until the rain stops. So, instead of letting the family photos stay trapped in your phone or the hard drive forever, you should print them out and make a unique scrapbook or a photo book that flawlessly depicts your family life. A lot of parents give their best to make at least one photo book for each year of their kids’ lives, which is undoubtedly a fabulous idea. Can you imagine pulling out twenty authentic photo books on the same day your baby girl turns 20? That would be a priceless birthday present that will make her beyond happy. All you have to do is to get a bunch of inexpensive stationery stickers, washi tapes, and colorful pens, and invite your whole family to the ultimate scrapbooking party. We’re sure that they’ll adore it!

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to create unforgettable memories with your family, and these three are just the tip of the iceberg. Apart from being extremely beneficial for developing your kids’ skills and establishing some healthy lifestyle habits, they’ll learn to appreciate every moment spent with their loved ones and understand that some things in life, such as family, are priceless. That’s exactly what matters most, right?


Audrey Taylor was born in San Francisco and moved to Adelaide at the age of five. Marketer researcher and social media manager on hold, full – time mommy of a cheerful two-year-old. Graduated from Queensford college, worked in a couple of marketing agencies across Australia, eager to learn more about business and share her experiences. Traveled across Europe. Her hobbies include home decor, fashion, travel, music, old movies.