Lawyer asking his client about the accident

If current reports are anything to go by, it will appear that the rate of casualties and in many cases fatalities arising from road accidents have been on the rise in Colorado as a whole and Denver in particular. You can read about it here.

While we are concerned about the reason behind this development, it is not the focus of this article. What we want to focus on here is how to get justice for the victims, hence our decision to look at how to find a personal injury lawyer since this is the right person to help you get the justice you need.

What Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Offer?

To put this in simple terms, this type of attorney helps a person who has suffered personal injury fight for proper and commensurate compensation for the injury. The first thing the attorney will do is determine if your case is indeed viable.

To determine your case’s viability, the attorney will evaluate the evidence and based on the provisions of the personal injury lawyers advise you as to whether to go ahead with the case or to drop it.

Should the case be considered viable and you start pursuing it, your chosen attorney can help you with other matters such as:

  • Liaising with any creditors you may have to ensure they hold off until you can resume earning.
  • Helping you discern the full benefits of whatever insurance cover you may already possess for such incidents.
  • Help get the best settlement possible for the injury. This could be through a litigation process or an out of court negotiation.

Any of the services that your personal injury lawyer will offer you will be based on the provisions of the personal injury law.

What is Personal Injury Law?

This is a law which guides the process of mediating between an injured individual and the individual responsible for the injury. According to this law, it has to be proven that the injury resulted from intentional misconduct, reckless conduct, general negligence or gross negligence. You can read about it in detail here.

The takeaway point here is that you must show that the injury was not as a result of any fault on your part but that of the defendant. This is not restricted to just car accidents. It can cover any number of situations like the ones below.

  1. A driver is driving and texting which results in an accident. This is an act of negligence and the driver should be made to pay for it.
  2. There is a manhole left open on the street and a pedestrian walk into it. This is an act of negligence on the part of the government in charge because that manhole should not be open and if it is open, proper notification should be placed there and the hole secured.
  3. A floor is being mopped in a public space and no sign is placed to indicate that the floor is wet. If someone trips and falls, the individual is within his/her right to make claims for any injuries they may sustain as a result of the fall.

The above are just a few examples. Your attorney’s duty will therefore mainly be to prove that there was negligence and that the injury in question was as a direct result of that incident and not a previous one.

Tips for Choosing Your Attorney

The success you will record on your claim will largely depend on how good your attorney is. We will conclude this short article by looking at a few tips that will help you find the right attorney.

Get Recommendations

The very first thing to do in this kind of situation is to ask people around you if they can recommend anyone. If anyone within your circle knows any very reliable attorney, that may save you a lot of time.

Search Online

If you do not get any recommendations from around you, go online and carry out a search. It is important that you do a “near me” search. This will ensure you get lawyers that operate in your area.

For example, in this case, you should search for “personal injury lawyers in Denver” and this will bring out firms that operate in the area.

Check for Reviews

When you have gotten your search results, you will notice that the top recommendations come with directions, website and also reviews. For example, our search above recommended a number of firms including Zaner Harden Law.

As at the time of writing this article, this firm had received about 190 reviews and had a total rating of 4.9 stars out of a possible 5 stars. You can already see that it is a highly rated firm. You can then go further to read the individual reviews to get a better understanding of how their past clients feel about them. This will make it much easier for you to make the right choice.

Compare Attorneys

As a way of making your assurance double sure, you can compare between two or more attorneys to find out the one that will suit your needs the best.