Two single beds in a bedroom beside shelves

When you’re transitioning from a sweet and simple nursery to a bedroom that will take your child through his or her teen years, you want to make choices that are sophisticated enough to last for the changes ahead. Before researching interior design Los Angeles, consider these seven-bedroom ideas that will grow with your child until high school graduation.

Modern Art

If you have a notable art collection in the rest of your home, why not select suitable pieces with your child for his or her space? Kids’ art doesn’t have to feature cartoon characters. Instead, look for hangings with funky texture, vibrant colors and bold clean lines to appeal to your child’s aesthetic senses. Vintage-inspired pieces work wonders when you want something one of a kind.

Scandanavian Sensibility

This part of Europe is known for its minimal, sophisticated design cues, which provide a great palette to build a room that your child can customize as he or she gets older. Think warm wood hues, clean lines and cozy texture in the form of throw rugs, pillows and wall hangings to create one of the trendiest current kids bedroom designs.

Saturated Hues

While pastels may seem soothing for a newborn, candy-coated colors won’t necessarily appeal to tweens and beyond. Instead, go for muted versions of blues, greens, and yellows that can be paired with a variety of favorite colors over the years. A monochromatic color scheme is one of the most stylish bedroom interior design ideas for family members of all ages.

High-Quality Furniture

 When you invest in durable fixtures such as built-in shelving, beds, and dressers, you’re creating the backdrop for a timeless design. Go classic with these items so you can play with other design elements that can more easily and affordably be updated as your kiddo matures. Consider bunk beds if you have siblings or a daybed that converts to a couch for after-school hangouts and study sessions with friends.

Patterned Wallpaper

Wallpaper is having a moment throughout the home, and perhaps it’s most appropriate as a way to add color and playfulness to a child’s space. Forget the clowns and floral patterns of yesteryear and go for contemporary geometric designs in bold or neutral colors for an accent wall. Peel and stick versions make the most sense when you’re not sure if you’ll want to live with the design forever.

Integrated Workstations

If you have a new baby, the day when he or she will need a desk may seem far in the future. If you’re planning built-in fixtures for the bedroom, however, an integrated desk is a smart solution that will serve your child well for years to come. You’ll get the most mileage out of sleek, minimal styles with installed outlets and USB connections.

Toy Displays

Cute collections are a great way to add whimsy to a child’s bedroom, especially when displayed on trendy open shelving. As your little one develops independent interests, he or she can add to the display.

When it comes to designing a timeless, sophisticated space for your child, keep fun and function at the front of your mind. With a little creativity, you’ll have a bedroom where your little one will love to sleep, relax and play.