Year by year, all technology nerds, and geeks anticipate new releases on almost every gadget there is in existence. However, everyone anticipates new releases from the big smartphone companies every year. From indie small-based brands to mainstream and big mogul companies, everyone keeps an eye on flagship smartphones every year.

One of the biggest smartphone competitions on the market today is between Samsung and Apple. Earlier this year Samsung has wowed the world with their newly released Galaxy Note 8, which was a comeback from the recalled Galaxy Note 7 last year. But today, we are not here to celebrate the success of the highest-grossing Android smartphone provider but focus on Apple’s new and fresh release instead. Last September 22, 2017, Apple has unveiled their newest addition to their iPhone line with not one, not two, but three variants!

Apple’s iPhone 8 and iPhone X event was available for live stream during that day and a lot of people in anticipation had their relief after witnessing the new addition to the family. Technically there are 2 new phones for iPhone, but there are 3 variants considering the size and specs differences. But with this new addition to the family, which one should you get and how do they differ?

Let’s Talk iPhone 8 and iPhone X

Images of iphone 8,iphone X,iphone Plus

Every smartphone company today aspires to improve their quality and bring out the best technology update they can in proportion to the phone’s suggested retail price. Like any other trend in naming smartphones today, iPhone 8 is Apple’s new addition to their line of a smartphone with its not-so-old predecessor, the iPhone 7. Just a year after the release of iPhone 7, which garnered a lot of attention, here comes iPhone 8 with its elegant new design. Like its early brother, the iPhone 8 also comes with a plus edition or the iPhone 8 Plus, which is the biggest among the 3 new variants.

Apple’s iPhones have always been known and famous for its advanced technology in camera specs and image processing. It never fails to deliver in that department and surely iPhone 8 and iPhone X definitely will not disappoint you for that. Their minimalistic design has been kept on point with their freshly released wallpaper designs together with the phone’s release. All new releases are rocking the new iOS 11 wherein a lot of iPhone users have been upgrading their old model phones as of the moment. The staple iPhone colors like Silver, Space Gray, and Rose Gold are still available for both models.

iPhone 8

Image of iphone 8

From a distance, iPhone 7 and 8 does not really have a difference when you view it from the back. Unlike its predecessor, the aluminum back is now replaced with a full on all glass back. Although it can be a fingerprint magnet, it adds to a more elegant and high-end feel. Apple has upgraded iPhone 8’s camera with a state of the art technology OIS system in its wide-angle lens. This time, iOS users have urged the company to enable wireless charging, and they have delivered. iPhone 8 is now capable of wireless charging. Apple has released their official wireless charging docks together with the iPhone 8 release, but if you don’t fancy the official dock, third-party wireless chargers can be used to charge your phone.

iPhone X

Image of Iphone X

Much of the hype for the anticipation of the new iPhone highly circulates around the iPhone X. Before the official release of the phone, leaked photos and concept photos of the rumored iPhone X has been around the internet for months. A lot of Apple fans have been trying to recreate the said model with the speculations they think the phone might have. Since Samsung has released a bezel-less phone, a lot of leaked images or edited images per se focused on the screen to bezel ratio.

To everyone’s delight, as the Apple event commenced, iPhone X blew everyone’s mind. iPhone X looked similar to the leaked photos with its almost bezel-less screen which has sacrificed the touch button. To replace their touch ID, now that the button is gone, iPhone X debuts their face ID in order to unlock your phone. Instead of scanning your fingerprint, the iPhone X scans your face like some sci-fi technology movie effects. Worry not about people scanning yourself while you are asleep at night because the scanners work only if the owner’s eyes are open.

iPhone 8 vs iPhone X

Image of comparison between the iphone 8, Iphone X

With all the new releases and the fresh technology Apple has offered, which new iPhone suits you the best? To help you identify the best variant for you, here are some of the specific specs each new phone has.

  • iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus Specs 
    • Screen size comes in at 4.7” while the plus version comes in at 5.5”
    • iPhone 8 has a regular 12 MP camera while the plus versions have a 12 MP wide-angle and telephoto lens; front camera has 7MP lens
    • Both are embedded with the new A11 Bionic chips and wireless charging capable
    • Runs on either 64 GB or 256 GB memory
    • With Retina HD technology display
    • Both models are dust, splash, and water resistant
    • Capable of Apple pay
  • iPhone X
    • Screen size rocks a 5.8” display considering the bezel-less feature (iPhone 8 Plus still appears the largest despite screen size)
    • Contains a 12MP wide-angle and telephoto lens with advanced OIS system on both dual cameras; the front camera features the TrueDepth technology with 7MP lens
    • Embedded with A11 Bionic chip and wireless charging capable
    • Runs on either 64 GB or 256 GB memory
    • With Super Retina HD display
    • Splash, dust, and water resistant
    • Capable of Apple Pay
    • Sports the new Face ID technology
    • Front cameras, with the upgraded system, is capable of virtual reality by animating emojis

There might not be so much difference when it comes to discussing the specs on paper, but the total experience of both iPhones would come in differently. Apple has once again gained the throne of the world’s best smartphone camera, and iPhone 8 and iPhone X could be the fastest smartphone on the market. iPhone 8 hails with the price point starting at $699 and iPhone 8 Plus starts at $799. Prices for monthly plans may vary depending on your carrier of choice. The iPhone X is available for pre-order with a starting price point of $999; official release may take up to November 2017.

Whether you think that iPhone 8 suits your need the most or iPhone X hails the best between both, your switch will never disappoint for sure.

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