The internet has made everything from paying bills to ordering food so much simpler. It’s helped make businesses thrive and prosper as well as improving the overall consumer experience. One of the most effective ways is through the use of free offers and discounts. With mobile wallets and loyalty schemes, it’s easier than ever to shop online and in store.

Let’s take a look at the best online discounts, bonuses, and loyalty programmes which have been made popular via the Internet.

Loyalty Programmes

One of the most popular forms of loyalty programmes is frequent flyers schemes. With so many airlines, it’s easy to go for whichever one offers the best deal at the time of booking. But airlines want their customers to stay loyal to them. For people who fly a lot, airlines offer a frequent flyers discount. They work by offering flyers air miles when they travel which can be redeemed for real flight tickets once they’ve earned enough.

One of the most popular is the AAdvantage programme with American Airlines. It has over 100 million people subscribed to it. It works in conjunction with other partner airlines around the world so users can benefit from promotions and upgrades with them too. Users can check their airline miles easily by going online or checking the mobile app and the Internet has made it easy to sign up to them too.

New Customer Bonuses

There are many brands which offer incentives to new customers to get them to use their products and services. This is especially popular in the world of online gambling. Oddschecker will show you a huge range of online gambling sites offering everything from free deposits to £20 to play with for new customers.

This provides a ‘try before you buy’ experience where users can try the service without investing much into it. If they enjoy their experience, they’re likely to come back for more. Most new customer bonuses are exclusively online deals and aren’t available in person.

Points Programmes

Popular among retailers in person and online, points programmes are one of the most common types of deals. They allow customers to collect points whenever they shop and redeem them for something once they earn enough.

The Starbucks Reward Scheme is one of the most popular of its kind. It has an online app which is super easy to use and collect ‘stars’. When they have enough, users can redeem these ‘stars’ for free drinks and exclusive special offers. The online app also provides the user with ultimate convenience as they can pay for their drinks through it too.