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It is far from easy to get a job in the modern world, let alone a great job. With unemployment figures at the highest they have been in years, the number of people not believing they can strive for success is scary. However, there are many ways in which anybody can obtain a great role, whether you have 500 GCSE’s or haven’t been educated in years. With the right attitude, anybody can chase a great job, be it via a recruitment agency or relentlessly chasing down many interviews and there are a lot of job portals available as well to get you the job according to your needs. Here we take a look at a few ways in which anybody at all can increase their chances of getting a great job.

Think Who You Would Hire

The best thing to start off with is to put yourself in the shoes of the employer. If you carefully think about who you would hire, you can pinpoint all the factors that would or wouldn’t make a good employee. Remember, the person that is perfect for the job may be the polar opposite of what you’d expect. Yes, the experience is important, but there are many other elements involved in being a reliable employee. If someone has a humble attitude and is ready to work hard, that is more than likely a preferable trait over someone who has a degree. People hire people, not paper, so a few grades on a CV doesn’t tell the whole story. When the employer is seeking a new employee, they will ask themselves two questions. Will they do the job right? Do I see myself working well with this person? The right attitude will always beat a proven track record.

Be Nice

Although there is a multitude of factors that could potentially make you an employable person, none of them are as important as merely being a nice person. Everyone should be nice. That goes without saying, right? Well, there is an abundance of characters out there that reduce their chances of employment by coming across the wrong way. Everybody wants to be around friendly people. Being around niceness bring out the best in you, and in the office, this is particularly helpful as it contributes to a healthy working environment. There are many cases in which a job-seeker has been employed merely because they were the only candidate than the employer liked. A big smile also goes a long way. It will make the interviewer have a positive feeling about you and they will be comfortable being around you. If you are a nice person but the employer doesn’t believe you are suited to the job, they may well recommend you for another role in which you will excel. Happy days! Remember, manners cost nothing and you write your own luck.

Come Prepared

When you get to the interview itself, many things could portray you as a good employee or a really bad one. Preparation will allow you to be better adapted to any questions or tasks that may be thrown your way during the interview. Here are a few things to bear in mind that would make a good candidate.

  • Asks relevant questions
  • Knows the purpose of the company
  • Is aware of the company’s competitors
  • Openly discusses the history of the company
  • Questions if they are looking at new markets

The employer will take a liking to you if you display these attributes as they show you can use your initiative, think for yourself and also care about the role you have applied for. Alternatively, you need to make sure you don’t do things to come across as an unidyllic candidate. Here are a few things that a bad candidate would do.

  • Only asks questions related to themselves and their own personal gain
  • Doesn’t have a clue about how the company works
  • Doesn’t know who the competition is
  • Has no idea about anything to do with the role applied for
  • Shows zero willing to help the company prosper and better itself

So, as you can see from the above advice, you don’t have to excel in many fields in order to be the right man for the job. Some of it may come naturally, but the vast majority is attainable if you chase these traits of one’s own accord. Remember, employers will much prefer it if you are a likable person as opposed to knowing it all.