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Finally. The sunlight is lasting longer, the nights are getting shorter, and the weather is getting milder. The winter months can feel so cold and dark that we forget that spring rounds the corner before we even know it.

For savvy businesses that are already mapping out their marketing strategies for the upcoming spring season, the winter period is a great time to think about what’s worked in the past and what new marketing tactics can work, too. There’s a lot of seasonal highlights to the spring: there’s Easter, Mother’s Day, Victoria Day, and did we mention the weather’s getting better?

Your spring marketing plan is one place where you can use custom printed t shirts and other custom apparel to boost your brand visibility. You can be creative with your designs and your methods of distributing your gear. Small businesses benefit from creative marketing strategies that come with a low cost to deploy them. With that in mind, here are some strategies that you can use to start a successful spring marketing plan.

Consider Your Resources

Take stock of the materials you already have that make up your brand identity. This is the groundwork for your next steps with marketing materials. Is your brand sleek and athletic? Then your custom clothing should reflect that. Are you more of a luxury brand? Find some clothing options that convey comfort and style. Your brand’s colors, logo, and mission should all come into play when you start to create designs for custom apparel.

Your brand is more than the visual and physical elements that represent your company. Consider this quote from the CEO of Amazon who said, “Branding is what people say about you when you are not in the room.” With a brand strategy and deliberate, consistent messaging across all your platforms and promotional materials, you can directly shape and influence what people say about your business.

You can spread the word about your business with a tried and tested technique of giving away promotional clothing. The simple upload and ordering systems of an online custom clothing provider make it easy to place an order that you can then distribute among prospective clients, staff, and industry influencers.

Custom Clothing

One of the first things you need to do when in the planning stages of a marketing plan is considered your audience. Know your budget, the scope of your messaging platforms, your social media influence, and other big-picture considerations before deciding what custom clothing you will get.

Creative Campaigns

Grab the attention of the online community by incorporating your custom clothing with online advertisements. Promotional garments like custom hoodies, t-shirts jackets, hats, and jerseys can be used for online giveaways that ask participants to spread awareness about your brand. You could try a social media giveaway in which participants have to follow and tag other friends in order to be eligible.

Ask people to share photos using your product or service using a creative hashtag you’ve established. With quality clothing that people will want to wear and a creative approach to spreading the word, you can maximize your marketing efforts and truly make a mark this upcoming spring.