School is a stressful environment for both underachievers and overachievers. The only comfortable place to be is perhaps the middle ground, which is often difficult to find. All of the anxieties that surround your studies and academic choices typically become more amplified as you continue your studies.

Pursuing your career as a scholar or are simply trying to inch towards your degree is inevitably fraught with uncertainty. Imposter syndrome is a particularly insidious delusion that too many people suffer from while pursuing their careers or educations. Generally speaking, it is a condition comprised of internalized doubt and the constant fear of being exposed as a kind of “fraud.” This means that with every success the sufferer experiences, there is always a great deal of shame.

The key to having a successful postsecondary education, then, is by avoiding imposter syndrome and cultivating confidence and self-assurance in all things related to your studies. Without being about to relish in one’s victories, it’s hard to want to work for them, let alone achieve them. Here, then, are a few ways to get the positive reinforcement you need to feel genuinely content with your status as a postsecondary student.

First and foremost, you shouldn’t be ashamed to seek out the help that you need, specifically when you need it. There shouldn’t have to be a choice between integrity and your own academic well-being. If you’re committed to the idea that you have to do things on your own – as an individual – cut it out. That’s a toxic attitude that will put too much stress on your grades and mental health.

Sometimes peers and professors just don’t cut it, when it comes to helping, too. In many cases, it’s useful to go the extra mile when it comes to support. In other words, looking to resources both within and beyond the confines of your school’s offerings is often beneficial to any student suffering from imposter syndrome. By staying on top of things and actively trying to improve yourself, that invalidating feeling will surely decline.

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Secondly, associating yourself with positive individuals will radically alter your educational experience and bring out your best features. Communal support can sometimes be the most important determining factor in any educational context – after all, it’s your peers who are there to support you and show you just how amazing you truly are.

By surrounding yourself with good influences in the midst of stressful situations – like exam week – you can fight off the bleakness of a jam-packed schedule. A strong network of friends and acquaintances who are similarly hard-working will make your university or college experience so much more productive and fascinating.