Rare are those who enjoy ironing their clothes and relax while standing over the ironing board. It doesn’t sound so fun, right? Clothes made from elastin and other tensile materials should not be ironed, and you can also do a good part of the ironing by carefully putting your clothes in the dryer. However, if you are a person who does not enjoy the ironing, contact Kevin Loberg and we will offer you some alternative solutions.

Iron your clothes with a hair straightener

The corner of the collar, cuffs and around the buttons are the easiest to straighten with the help of the hair straightener. This appliance that straightens your hair can also do the same thing to smaller areas on the clothes. But before use, clean it so that you do not destroy your favorite pieces of clothing.

Iron with hot pot

The oldest trick in every housekeeper’s book! Fill in the stainless steel metal pot with plain water, place it on the stove and let it stay till the water boils, then get rid of the water, and use the bottom part of the pot as an iron to correct wrinkles on the clothes.

Iron your pants by using a mattress

You know the trick when you put the crumpled paper in a heavy book and straighten it up? Use a similar idea to iron your favorite pants – place them under the mattress, and let it stay for at least an hour. After that simply take them out of there and enjoy wearing your straightened pants without any hesitation.

Correct the wrinkles on your clothes with steam

Guests at hotels worship this trick: put a wrinkled dress or any other piece of clothes in the bathroom and where you plan to take a shower with hot water. The steam coming from the shower will straighten all the wrinkles on the fabric. After all, the same principle is used even by some of the most modern irons.

Straighten the wrinkles with wet towel

Lightly moisten a clean towel, then put it on top of the clothes that need to be ironed. With firm movements with your hands across the surface and the clothes will slowly begin to straighten.

Ironing with alcoholic vinegar

Alcoholic vinegar can help you with the unwanted wrinkles on your clothes. Apply salt and water in 1: 3 ratio, pour the liquid into a spray bottle, then sprinkle the clothes with the mixture and allow it to dry out in the air.

Get a Dry Washer for Drying

Drying machines are using the principle of dry air flow through a damp cloth that cools in the condenser and the drains. In other words: if you are removing it immediately after the drying operation is done, it will be warm and ready for hand-wrap without having to use the ironing board.