JEE Preparation

In today’s competitive environment, entrance examinations have become the most important part of a child’s education. The second part of the problem is that almost all these competitive exams fall right after board exams. This is where the students find difficult when they need to focus on their board exams but at the same time, the preparation of entrance exams can also not be left behind. Now, the preparation of entrance exams needs more focus as it builds the foundation of a student’s future studies and marks the beginning of their career path. The real struggle that the students face is juggling between these exams and revising the entire syllabus between the small gap that they get after the board exams to prepare for the entrance examinations.

However, even after managing all the exams not everyone qualifies to the top ranks in their favorite exam of JEE Main. Some students appear for state-level engineering entrance exams or the entrance exams for private colleges. But then some students have the dream of cracking JEE and gaining admission into IITs. For this reason, they drop one year to prepare for JEE Main and pass with good marks. The question here is whether this drop of one year for the preparation is worthwhile. The answer depends on a lot of factors like career decisions of the aspirants, their capabilities, and expectations.

Benefits of dropping a year for JEE Preparation

The main reason why students decide to take this drop is that with this, they get extra time to concentrate on all the important topics and ace up their preparation by solving more papers. Otherwise, they have a gap of just a month or two that the students get for preparation after their board examinations. They believe that this way they have a higher chance of scoring better marks and a fair rank thus securing their seats in one of the IITS.

This is certainly not deniable that IITs are one of the top institutes of the country. When it comes to the level of exposure that the students receive in IITs, it is unmatched as compared to other engineering institutions. The aspirants start questioning whether they gave their best performance when they do not score well in the first attempt. To stay free from regrets, these aspirants decide to dedicate an entire year for their JEE preparation which sometimes gets better results for them. They have no other academic commitments for an entire year which helps them focus on the exam with complete determination.

Cons of dropping a year for JEE Preparation

However, there are some downsides to this decision. As per statistics, almost 47% of the students give up on the idea of gaining admission into the colleges a while after they decide to take a drop for JEE preparation. There haven’t also been any significant improvements in the scores and ranks after the drop. There is no guarantee that the candidates will score better in their second attempt. It has been proven that JEE Main is one of the toughest engineering entrance exams and not just in our country. Moreover, when it comes to the time of placements after the completion of the engineering course, the students would be questioned about this gap. This, however, may not be that important if the candidate has constantly been doing well in his semester exams. A year is a long time to stay dedicated and focused on the exam. There would be a lot of possible distractions that could come in the aspirant’s way to make them deviate from the preparation halfway through the year.

Whatever be the decision, the candidates should weigh all the pros and cons before deciding whether or not to drop a year for JEE preparation. Knowing your own capabilities and dedication is the most important part of this journey so the best advice for the candidates would be to do some self-analysis and then choose to either take admission to another college or dedicate their complete year for JEE.