Hunting Gadgets

Hunting is a sport with adventurous experience done with the government permission, under certain conditions. Though it is an aggressive and violent sport, hunting is done as a wildlife control measure. It is also done to prevent the spread of particular disease and to balance the ecology.

Hunting is banned at some places for some species to protect the endangered species. It not only affects the hunt but Sometimes the hunter also gets affected due to the unexpected slips or trips or falls or wreck.

In this era, to support the hunter many new technically designed gadgets are produced. Some of the essential gadgets are listed below.


Ozonics is a scent elimination device. It Converts oxygen molecules into ozone molecules. Therefore, it is not possible for the animals to recognize you. It meets all safety standards and is suitable for human consumption.

Ozonics comes with two modes. Boost mode for tree stand hunting which maximizes ozone output in open area. In this mode, you can place the Ozonics above you on a tree. Standard mode requires proper setup since it is used on a closed surface.

Burris Eliminator

The Burris Eliminator helps you to have a perfect hold on the target. It uses a laser scope through which a laser light appears on the target which helps you to for the hunters. It is a rangefinder and contains a ballistic calculator inside the rifle scope.

This Eliminator requires pre-programmed ballistic information. It helps to have accurate shooting even in a variety of wind condition. In addition, it covers about 1200 yards of range compensation.

Therma Cell

Therma Cell is a repellent; it keeps mosquitoes and flying insects away from you which helps you to focus on your hunt. It does not require batteries to work instead it uses a cartridge to produce heat. The heat produced, warms the mat that is saturated with repellent. The dispersed repellent gives protection to that particular area.

Game Camera

The game camera is a type of remote camera that is used mainly for wildlife photographs. It is used in remote forests where it is not safe for a human to take pictures. The Strap provided in the camera helps it to hang from a tree, and it has a lock to prevent theft.

Once the Camera senses motion, it records images either as a photograph or as a video with date, time and other details. Top game cameras can cover an area of over 100 feet. The game camera is a weatherproof one, and it helps the hunter for game surveillance.

Leupold LTO-Tracker

The Leupold LTO-Tracker is a thermal image viewer. It helps the hunter to identify the target around them clearly during both day and night time up to 600 yards. This tracker is only 5.6 inches and works in temperature from -4 degree to 104 degrees. It has six times digital zoom option and can display in various colors such as red, green, white.

Hunting is believed to ensure the preservation of wildlife habitats. At the same time, excessive hunting will lead to endangerment of species with low population. So hunt for a requirement and have a safe hunting with the latest technical gadgets.