ladies dresses 2017 in Pakistan

One of those that will make you say, “This woman has incredible creativity! “? Start now with the creation of a one-of-a-kind duct tape ladies dresses 2017 in Pakistan, and with the instructions in the steps below, be sure to be the queen of the ball. Do not forget to make the matching bag!

Select a dress pattern and a duct tape color. Feel free to opt for a different color from standard gray! Go to a hardware store or a hobby store and choose the duct tape you like.

Cut out your boss pieces in the laminated duct tape. Some dress patterns offer different options. Work duct tape and simplicity do not necessarily go together, opt for the option you like.

Draw the contours of the different pieces of your pattern on the cotton canvas face, then cut out each one of them.

Put on a T-shirt that is too baggy for a manikin. No specific color is required for the realization of this project. Indeed, the T-shirt will be glued to the duct tape and will become invisible while making your ladies dresses 2017 in Pakistan much more comfortable.

It is important to choose a T-shirt whose length reaches that of your future dress. Note however that if the length of the T-shirt matters, its size should not worry you.

If the T-shirt is not long enough, add a strip of fabric to lengthen it (any type of fabric will fit). This fabric and the T-shirt will be the back of your dress, so the aesthetic is not important.

Start by winding the duct tape horizontally. Wrap the duct tape around the T-shirt from the back, at the bottom hem.

Work with pre-cut duct tape. Note that using a reel will make your job a lot easier. If you wrapped the T-shirt like a mummy, you could create bumps without realizing it. However, by cutting your strips in advance, you can lay them in a linear fashion and create more easily the angles necessary for the construction of your ladies dresses 2017 in Pakistan.

Do not be afraid to have your tapes overlaid on a large surface. The duct tape is a versatile and miraculous material. If you make a placement mistake or accidentally create a hole, you will have no trouble repairing it.

When placing your duct tape, be sure to leave more room at the waist than at the hips and thighs. Indeed, it is necessary to leave more ease to the size at the beginning, because the progressive placement of the bands will come to readjust the dress later.

Cut the T-shirt to match the pattern of your dress. When making a duct tape dress is based on a T-shirt, know that it is easier to make a sleeveless round neck, but it remains possible to transform this standard.

If you want your dress to have a collar that is more closed than the T-shirt, use plastic wrap to protect your neck while achieving the proper extension.

Add two more layers of tape to the first thickness you just laid. Remember to adjust your dress further when laying these new layers.

Do not go through this step! These three layers will ensure the longevity of your ladies dresses 2017 in Pakistan.

Mark the natural size of the person who will wear the dress. Ask your manikin to bend slightly to facilitate this measurement.

Using a marker, draw a line around the natural waist.