In today’s busy world people are prompt in judging others at first glance. They form initial opinions about others before they’ve actually spoken to them. That is why our first impression is considered the last impression. To enhance our first impression, we tend to work on our dressing sense. Our dressing and the way we carry ourselves say a lot about us. It reflects our personality in many more ways than we can imagine.

Our clothes boost not only our confidence but increase the opportunities that might follow. It becomes one of the main reasons for people to choose whether they like us or not, trust us or not, listen to us or not. A good dressing also needs a good perfume to carry on the confidence and make an impact. Tom Ford Perfume for Men keeps in mind all that a man needs for dressing well.

Although dressing-well is important, there are many supplementary factors that men need to consider to make any dressing dignified and classic. Following are some of those factors.

You are never fully dressed without a perfume

Perfumes give us a sense of composure. The same way a good dress increases our confidence, a good perfume helps us prolong that confidence and add on positivity. We can not see our perfume like we can our dress but it still helps in leaving an impact in other people’s minds. Wearing perfume is thus considered an important aspect of one’s dressing sense.

Shoes speak louder than words

Many people generally have a habit of checking out other people’s shoes before noticing anything else. The right footwear adds to a man’s fashion appeal and creates a perfect look. From just a means of taking care of the feet to becoming one of the supreme style statements, shoes bring out our personality in a way that no other accessory can. Hence selecting the perfect shoes that match not only our dress but also our persona is the key to dressing well.

Watches are practical

Watches can be considered to be a sophisticated detail in a man’s fashion style. This little accessory enhances our look and also our personality. It is often contemplated as just a simple go-to accessory but it can be so much more than that. It often shows the simplicity of the person carrying it and that he has a sense of time. Watches are a big part of a man’s dressing sense and thus he needs a watch that makes him stand out from the rest.

Live in colors

Colors play a huge role in a man’s fashion sense. It makes any type of dressing attractive and in many cases innovative. The only thing to consider while picking a colorful dressing is the complexion of the person wearing it. The right color can complement our looks and in turn our personality. Our capability of blending colorful clothes tells a lot about our dressing sense. Even though colors make our clothes pleasant,  many people still believe that fewer colors are still more attractive.

Dressing for the occasion

The most important thing that we have to keep in mind while dressing is where we are wearing what we are wearing. Being judged for our poor taste in the selection of dresses for any occasion not only demotivates us but also leaves a somewhat negative impression on other people’s minds. It is often noticed that when we’ve dressed right for the occasion, we tend to have an ample amount of self-esteem.