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Green fashion or eco-fashion is something that the fashion industry is gradually embracing today. It is the trend also gains momentum across the globe especially among countries with the most prominent population for green living advocates. This movement makes the fashion industry work harder to put it into the mainstream.

Now, more and more people have become advocates about saving the environment too and associate it with the items of clothing they wear. Green fashion emerges as one of the trends these days; however, it’s not a simple battle. Still, a lot of people don’t adopt the idea of sustainable fashion.

To help you make up your mind, and hopefully, shift to the world of sustainable fashion, below are just some of the benefits or reasons on why you should think about supporting or advocating for green fashion.

It Lasts Longer   

Even though shopping for renewable, organic fibers is sometimes the least dangerous way to have a sustainable fashion, purchasing classic and timeless pieces can also be as green. Rather than wearing trendy and stylish organic leggings for only one season, try to invest in chic silhouettes, classic shapes, and strong colors that you can wear on different occasions.

Minimizing waste and reducing your consumerism will undoubtedly do more for the planet when it comes to saving resources and energy. Avoid piling or hoarding unnecessary pieces even if they are organic or naturally-made.

Helps The Environment

The fashion industry withdraws excessive environmental footprint, from the different pesticides and chemicals utilized to raise cotton to the textile dyes. By selecting sustainable fabrics or organic fibers, like hemp or bamboo, all of us can minimize our carbon footprint at the same time reducing the number of harmful substances we take in our life.

Ordinary cotton requires one-third pound of artificial substances to create one shirt. Yep, that’s the casualty for every cotton shirt that you have. Thus, choosing sustainable fabrics is a step towards the right path in minimizing the environmental footprint.

Great For The People

Purchasing sustainable clothes guarantees you that it was under safe working conditions. In fact, there are many online stores such as French Connection that sells eco-friendly items of clothing. Furthermore, the FTA or fair trade act has accomplished lots of excellent things for the green fashion industry, specifically for the employees in the manufacturing factories.

As such, all clothing pieces must and shall be safely and cautiously mass-produced. It means that the company or shop from which you are buying your clothes treasure their employees as much as making a profit.

Improves Health

The production of fabrics or textiles isn’t only harmful to the environment, but it can also develop some significant health problems. As stated from the Environmental Health Perspectives, conventional fashion left an environmental footprint and evaluated as hazardous waste generators.

It will not only have an impact on those people who work in the factory and the environment, but it can affect the entire population through the toxic discharge supplied by these plants. Choosing sustainable fabrics over conventional and synthetic materials will help not only the environment but also your well-being and the health of your loved ones.

Easy To Take Care And Low-Cost

Purchasing eco-friendly items of clothing are just one way to support eco-friendly fashion. How you keep them safe and take care of them can make a huge difference in the environmental impact of your whole wardrobe as well.

Clean them on the cold cycle to minimize using energy and utilize eco-friendly detergents to avoid any chemicals from contaminating the environment. Also, refrain from going to any dry cleaners to save money, resources, and time.


Purchasing new clothes can be potentially frustrating and expensive. Of course, fashion is important, and we cannot run away from it, but are you aware of the risks and harms? Green fashion or sustainable fashion is much more different from the conventional ones. Not yet convinced? Read the above reasons to understand why you should consider or support it.