Woman at shoe store

The most looked forward to wearable in our wardrobe, i.e. shoes are not only for comfort, but we also wear them as a fashion statement. And, at Souq, you can buy the latest fashion in footwear at exciting deals and discounts. Souq has a huge collection of all kinds of shoes and footwear for both men and women.

Tommy Hilfiger Lightweight Knit Sneakers for Men

Light and thin sneakers are never out of fashion. And not only are they always fashionable, but they are also extremely comfortable to wear when compared with other kinds of casual shoes. These Lightweight Knit Sneakers from Tommy Hilfiger come in Red color with a white sole, which forms a perfect color combination for any casual outing. Also, these latest shoes come with a discount of 10%, with which you can save 36 AEDs on these shoes. On a price of AED 322.99, these shoes are nothing less than a steal deal.

Tommy Hilfiger Flag Wedges for Women

Here is another stylish product from Tommy Hilfiger, but this time it is for our female customers out there. These red-colored flag wedges for women are a perfect choice for almost all kinds of occasions. These comfortable wedges with a minimalistic design are something that every woman likes. The material used in these is 100% Polyamide, which makes sure that they feel light and comfortable, just the way you want these to be. With a discount of 20%, these wedges can be bought for only AED 215.

G-Star Fashion Sneakers for Men

When it comes to shoes, Black is always the most loved color. And we have brought for you a stunning looking pair of black casual shoes, which you will surely fall in love with. G-star fashion sneakers for men are light in weight yet durable enough to stay with you for a long time. Not to forget that with their amazing looks, you can wear them wherever you want to do. After a discount of 20%, these shoes are available at a price of AED 287. With the latest design and such a worthy price, this deal is surely not worth missing.

Forever 21 Slip-on Shoes for Women

When you are looking for comfort in your shoes, no shoe can match the ease of slip-on shoes. They are easy to wear, easy to remove, lightweight and are probably a lifesaver in summers. These slip-on shoes from Forever 21 will give you all the comfort of the slip-on shoes, plus, with their minimal design, they give the perfect look you want. Available in Black, Pink and Red colors, we are sure that you will wear them very frequently once you buy them. With a discount of 20%, their prices have lowered to only AED 48. Surely, you can’t get a better deal than this.

TOMS Slip-on Shoes for Men

While we just showcased an amazing deal on Slip-on Shoes for women, why not have one for men too? TOMS Slip-on shoes for men are now available on Souq with a discount of 20%. This means that now you need to pay only AED 215 to get them, down 54 AEDs from their original price of 269. Available in Navy color, they are made to set you apart. You can also try other colors like Black and Red.

Timberland Bradstreet Plain Toe Oxford Sneakers for Men

Timberland’s Bradstreet Plain Toe Oxford Sneakers are designed to give perfect flexibility and authentic style. These shoes are ultra-light and flexible and come with a sensor flex technology sole which gives you perfect cushioning for long hours. These low-rise shoes make you look both comfortable and fashionable, and are something that you would want to pair them up with your favorite jeans.

These latest shoes are available at an exciting discount of 30%, which lets you buy these for only 376.99 AEDs.