Family Get Together Party

Planning out a family get together can be overwhelming especially if you have a huge family tree with a lot of cousins, aunties, uncles, and siblings. Imagining your entire joint family under one roof for a party can easily give you an anxiety attack. With everyone yelling and talking over each other, it’s definitely bound to be a crazy house show! To avoid all of that, here are a few simple ways to plan out the perfect family get together without it turning into a huge mess.

Food and drinks

If you have a huge backyard you can do a barbeque set up where you can barbeque steaks, meat, vegetables as per your wish while everyone is catching up over a few drinks. If you don’t wish to spend time cooking, barbequing and baking, you can hire a catering service company and customize an entire menu as per your preferences. When it comes to alcohol and liquor, ensure you don’t spend huge amounts on this; the last thing you want is elders drunk at the party and bringing up old topics to argue over! To ensure no food is wasted, order per plate wise keeping in the kids and the total number of elders at the party.

Family games

There are tons of games which the family can enjoy together such as Pictionary, karaoke, hangman etc. Card games are fun but usually get a little complicated once you have had a few drinks. The classic game of ‘antakshari’ is the most sought-after game by dividing the entire party into two teams. This segment of the family get together allows the entire group of people to interact with one another instead of just engaging in gossip. Board games and carrom are fun as well but leave those for the kids as they will enjoy those more.


You can either have a wide buffet of different desserts which are homemade by you and your partner or pay the catering service a few extra bucks to arrange the dessert menu as well. Don’t forget to add the classic cake and pasteries section which everyone loves! You can easily order bakery items online by gifting websites that customize your cakes and pasteries as per your preference. With the advancements in technology and delivery systems, you can now send the cake to Bhiwadi or even to the extreme Northeastern regions like Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh etc. with minimum delivery rates!

Return gifts

Plan out simple yet thoughtful return gifts for every family that comes to your get together. This could be a gift hamper with goodies such as candy, biscuits, cookies, snacks, and fruits. A lot of online gifting websites allow you to customize your gift baskets as per your preferences. A company that can send cake to Bhiwadi can also customize goodies baskets with other accessories such as key chains, mugs, stationery etc. The main idea of a return gift is to close the night with a thoughtful present which will be useful for the person receiving it.