Standing in the 21st century enjoying the innovations, technological edges in every sphere of life, people believe in inhibiting technologies which make day to day life works hassle-free. While earlier bathrooms used to one of the most insignificant corners of the house when it came to designing, adding comfort, style, and luxury, today you invest tons to make bathrooms perfectly designed.

However, there is a major transformation in the way of thinking, where bathrooms are becoming one’s style and comfort statement, reflecting comfort, smart designs, luxurious style, and modern decor.

Black Tile Insert Floor Drain

One of the fashionable changes which have touched bathroom designing trend over the last few decades is the black tile insert floor drain also popularly known as the shower channel drain or shower trough drain, typically known for its narrow and sleek designs, fitting on the floor.  This type of floor drainages not only go well with the style of the bathroom, any type of tiles but even offer improved water drainage compared to conventional shower drainage systems.


When it comes to a new system taking over the old one, there are certain advantages which compel people to consider the new one. Similarly, black tile insert floor drain is a smart trench shower floor drain with line advantages over conventional drainage system, like:

  • A black tile insert floor drain eliminates the need for a complex slope system in the entire bathroom for proper drainage. Instead, all that is required is only the shower floor needs to have a smooth slope towards the shower trough.
  • Style and appeal is a calling card for bathrooms nowadays. And a new range of black tile insert floor drain goes seamlessly with innovative design. Small tile inserts to long narrow ones make it easier to seamlessly integrate them with any floor tile, low, or large.

Conventional Shower Drainages

  • Earlier conventional shower drainages compelled you to stick with bathroom tiles, boring styles. But with latest black tile insert floor drain which goes elegantly with natural stones, designer tiles, even more, you don’t need a shower cabinet to install these stylishly.
  • These trough shower drain systems are designed particularly to manage water flow swiftly, rapidly and keep your bathroom dry and humid-free, which is a line eliminates the troubles of mold, fungus or mildew built up in wet bathrooms.

Hassle-Free Cleaning

Thinking for a while, you will feel that there can be nothing more distressing than cleaning your bathroom drainage. The conventional shower drainages had clogs and jams which would require sticks, plumbing tools to unwind certain clogs, pull out wastes. However, with black tile insert floor drain, there comes a separate debris basket in the system which can be easily removed without a plumber and cleaned. Which means your struggle in cleaning jams, clogs, wrestling with plumbing tool days are gone if you install smart trough shower drains.

  • Remove the grave above to reveal the debris basket inside.
  • Remove the basket, throw away the debris, you can also wash it with warm soapy water, and replace it.
  • Make sure while handling the tile inserts you don’t drop them for certain materials might crack if mishandled.

Therefore, if you are remodelling your bathroom, make sure you install black tile insert floor drain to eliminate the hassles of cleaning, investing bulk about in plumbing in future years as well as to instil a remarkable style in your bathroom. Clean and dry bathrooms are hygienic and make way for a healthy lifestyle; therefore, you can undoubtedly count on your investment for these shower drain systems.