An MBA opens you to a world of possibilities. These goals are different for everyone – for some, it might be the next step towards a Ph.D. in organizations and markets or finance; for others, a specialized MBA might lead to a coveted position on the board of a fashion company.

A High GMAT Score Starts With the Right Preparation

The GMAT has changed significantly since it was first introduced in the early 1950s. The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), which administers the GMAT, recently introduced a feature that lets you choose which order you want to take the sections of the GMAT. This is a huge boost for those who might feel more comfortable beginning with the quantitative section or feel they want to start strong with the verbal section.

Regardless of the order, the GMAT always consists of four sections: an analytical writing assignment; an integrated reasoning section; a quantitative section, and a verbal section.

Getting the high GMAT score you want starts with the right preparation. Every test-taker has different strengths and weaknesses, so it’s best to take a practice exam before you begin to make a detailed study plan. Once you have a score in hand, consider meeting with an instructor to see where to go from here. The right instructor will give you honest feedback and advice based on their years of expertise in GMAT instruction. Whatever your needs, GMAT instruction will be a considerable boon, and it starts with the best Montreal GMAT prep course — one designed for your personal needs and schedule.

Get Hands-On Support

A qualified instructor will support your goals every step of the way. They’re committed to your success – and work full-time to help you get there. Most instructors only work part-time in test preparation. But the instructors at better test preparation services aren’t going to go halfway with you. You’re working for the best score possible, and you deserve the instruction that’s going to take you there.

The Quantum Test Prep philosophy is that the GMAT is a standardized exam. The makers of the test aren’t trying to trick you. There are no strategies for “beating” the test, but there are proven methods for answering the test questions promptly and thoroughly once you know how to identify what each question in each section is asking. Put another way, the best test prep in Montreal is one that approaches the test from an expectation of mastery.

The Best Instruction Includes Free Workshops

Top-tier test preparation services also offer complementary events in addition to rigorous classroom sessions. Are you more comfortable with words, or does math move you? A refresher on math or verbal can help. Unsure of what questions might be asked in the business school interview? A coaching session can lead the way. When test day arrives, you’ll be ready to go.