Tenth Standard

The tenth standard in India is widely considered to be the backbone of higher education. It is a critical point when a decision regarding the future career of a student must be made. Engineering, medicine, management, law, finance, and arts are some of the streams which are popular in India.

The Significance of Tenth Standard

The tenth standard final examinations are said to be the stepping stone to specializing in one’s field of interest. They are the gateway to the most premier institutes across the country. For this reason, students and parents across the country prepare for the examinations with great fervor and sincerity. Achieving an excellent grade in the 10th standard is often considered an act of great pride and honor.

The foundation of concepts laid in class 10 is the critical factor that can drive the future of a student in the right direction. The framework for subjects such as Mathematics and Science must be rigid.

NCERT Text Book

The NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) is an organization that is part of the Union Government of India. The mathematics textbook published by NCERT is prescribed by CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education). It has a comprehensive set of topics and chapters which strengthen the fundamental mathematical skills of students.

Mathematics is crucial for fields such as data sciences, economics, and engineering. For instance, creating a stock market analyzing algorithm requires a thorough understanding of statistics and probability theory. Conducting research on any subject where human subjects are involved, often requires making inferences from the obtained data.

The class 10 maths chapter 14 statistics topic is beneficial for a basic overview of such concepts. The chapter primarily deals with the measures of central tendency; the idea of mean, mode, and median. A basic description of the requirement is given along with the approach to help solve this problem. It is then followed by a mathematical definition and the corresponding formulae. Several interesting examples with their solutions are provided for better clarity and comprehension of the concepts explained in each topic.

With an overview of the basics, more complex topics such as graphical representation and cumulative distributions are explained. In class 9, the students are made familiar with bar graphs, histograms, and pie charts. A frequency cumulation is nothing but the cumulation of the occurrences up to that point.

Examples and Exercises

The textbook has a wide variety of challenging problems which are sure to test the mettle of a student. Solving all the problems in the practice section is guaranteed to fetch good results in the examination. It might, however, become challenging to solve every question in a precise manner. Fortunately, the solutions to all of the exercise problems are available online. Due to ease of access to the internet, it is possible to find NCERT solutions for class 10 maths statistics at one’s fingertips. Using the solution manual as a reference, a student will find it easier to understand whatever was explained in the book and as a result, apply it wherever and whenever required. It is a blessing for those who find it difficult to understand complex concepts and apply them to solve problems.

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