It’s natural for parents to worry a bit if they find their baby has a fever. They should not as a fever does not harm most of the time. But yes, consulting the doctor becomes the best course of action if the fever persists longer than the normal cycle of two to three days. In the meantime, it’s good to keep taking the baby’s temperature to assess how he/ she is doing at a particular point in time. Based on the readings, parents will find out whether there is a need to seek medical attention. So, it always makes sense to have a good-quality thermometer handy at home for getting accurate and consistent readings, particularly for babies and kids.

Here are a few things to take care of when taking the baby’s temperature:

  • First of all, it’s advised to have a digital thermometer for baby and get the right readings all the time.
  • The thermometer should be put under the baby’s arm to take the temperature reading.
  • Stay away from using an old-fashioned thermometer that has a design with mercury inside the glass.
  • Such products are prone to breakage which might lead to leakage of mercury to pose health risks.
  • Always trust the digital type as others won’t give as accurate a reading and they are not fit for a fidgety baby.
  • Doctors advise against taking the temperature right after a bath.
  • Never take the temperature in case the baby is warm due to being wrapped tightly for some hours.
  • Parents need to wait at least 20 minutes if the baby is warm as not doing this might affect the reading.
  • It’s recommended to read the manufacturer’s instructions, particularly when you’re using the device for the first time.
  • Clear the screen of old readings and use a fresh cover or plastic sleeves in case the thermometer needs them.
  • Keep holding the thermometer into the armpit for close to 15 seconds to get accurate readings.
  • More care is needed in case you have an electronic ear thermometer as it has to be inserted correctly for right readings.
  • An ear thermometer is hard to use correctly in case the baby is under three month as their earn canals tend to be too small.
  • Make sure the tip of the device is aimed straight down the eardrum and hold the device for at least three to four seconds there.
  • It’s not suggested to use a strip-type thermometer which may be convenient for holding on the forehead yet it lacks accuracy.
  • Such devices won’t show the temperature of the body and rather take the skin’s only so they lack utility in the real sense.
  • It’s good to consult a doctor about the right choice of instrument for taking the baby’s temperature as accuracy matters a lot.
  • Never hesitate in visiting or consulting a doctor in case the temperature of your baby under three months is 38 degrees centigrade or above.
  • You should seek medical consultation on an immediate basis in case your baby is under six months and has a temperature of 39 degrees C or above.
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