Moving day has finally arrived, are you ready? You’ll want to have a checklist for your big day. Moving can test the patience of anyone, no matter how organized you are. The better prepared you are, the easier your love is going to be. Here are the ultimate best moving day tips and checklist to ensure that you’re ready for your big day.

1. Wake-up Early

On a moving day, you’re going to want to get an early start, regardless of when the movers will be arriving. So, start by setting your alarm clock for an early wake-up call. By waking up early, you’ll be prepared no matter what time the movers arrive.

At this point, you should be living out of boxes or your suitcase. This gives you time to close any last-minute boxes and do a final pack on your suitcase. You’ll also have plenty of time for any last-minute thoughts on what you may need to take with you in the car.

2. Essentials: Pack some essentials

This should include a change of clothes for each family member, the necessities such as medications, toothbrushes, hand soap, toilet paper, and any other personal items that may be needed before you find them in your packing or if you arrive before the movers. You may also wish to consider bedding for the first night even if you’re going to be sleeping on the floor; you’ll want something soft to lie on.

If you’re not going to go to a fast-food place or a restaurant for dinner the first night in your new home, you’ll want to take along the fixings for a quick and easy dinner. Pizza or something really easy to prepare is an ideal solution. Be sure to pack some paper plates and the proper pans to prepare and serve your dinner.

You should also include phone chargers, an emergency first aid kit, and a small repair kit (hammer, nails, glue, screwdrivers, screws of various sizes, measuring tape, pliers, and a sharp knife used to open boxes). While you’re waiting for the movers, you can load your essentials into the car.

3. Check With Movers

Upon the arrival of the movers at your current home, you’ll want to give them a quick tour of the house. If they’re just moving the boxes, make sure that everything is labeled correctly and that you highlight any fragile items that may require specialized care. It is always advisable to go through more moving day tips and advice online so that you don’t miss out on anything.

Sign any paperwork that is required and make sure that you are both clear regarding all of the terms of their moving your belongings. Of course, you’ll want to get a moving quote before signing any papers.

Do one last look-see around the house and make sure that everything is ready before the movers begin. Make sure that you give the movers proper directions and find out an estimated time of arrival for your moving van so that you can make sure that you’re not at a restaurant or something when they arrive.

4. Cleaning Supplies

The first night in your new home may present a few surprises, including that the new house hasn’t been properly cleaned before your big day. Have a multi-purpose cleaner, some rags, dish soap, hand soap for the bathrooms, and other similar products handy just in case you need them.

You’ll feel better knowing that the bathroom is cleaned to your standards before your shower. You may also wish to have a small hand broom and dustpan as well as a small handheld vacuum handy during your move. While you’re waiting for the movers, you can load these into the car as well.

5. Last Check-In Car

Do a quick inventory in your car as you prepare to leave your old home. Ensure that you have all of the above essentials in the car so that you can begin your new life without hesitation when you arrive at your new home.

Depending on how long the movers will take to get to your new home, you may or may not have to spend a night or so in your new home without your belongings. If you’re moving across the country, this is especially important. Pack accordingly so that you can at least survive a few days without your belongings if need be.

6. Your New Home

Upon arrival at your new home, you’ll want to take the time to do a walk-through before you start unloading the car. Ensure that the power has been turned on, the water has been turned on, and so on. If the house needs cleaning, start in the room that you’ll be working out of the most (typically the kitchen or living room and always clean the bathroom first) and go through the entire house.

7. Unload The Car

Now, you can unload the car and begin your new life.

Moving day will always present a few challenges. By being prepared ahead of time and working through this checklist, you can ease much of the transition. Enjoy your new home.