Carpet cleaning software solutions have helped many companies run their businesses more efficiently.

They can be used from any place with an internet connection, so you can always check your schedule, leads, dispatch jobs, customers’ history, and create invoices. Carpet cleaning booking software enables you to get rid of cumbersome paperwork.

One of the best and the easiest to use of these software solutions is Workiz. In this post, you can learn more about its features and how it can help you manage your business more effectively, increase customer satisfaction rate, reduce costs and increase profit, and many other benefits it brings.

What is Workiz?

Workiz is a field service management (FSM) solution designed for various industries, including the carpet cleaning industry. Workiz software helps companies optimize and automate their tasks, such as invoicing, reporting, call and online booking, online payments, and quote management, among plenty of others.

Workiz Features

Below, you can find out more about the key features and how it can help automate everyday tasks and streamline workflow.

  • Dashboard: It helps you to track your technicians’ performance, provides an overview of your business, and includes modules that display KPIs, which can be removed, added, or reorganized. These modules include invoices, estimates, sales, top sources, jobs by status, and others.
  • Booking: Booking with call and online booking features, you can increase revenue as you’ll receive more jobs. Your customers can book a service on your website, social media channel, or call your office.
  • Quote management: With this feature, you are enabled to track, send, and create quotes and estimates and include vital details, such as contract terms, the amount due, billing information, deposits, signatures, estimate items, and other notes and attachments.
  • Client management: customer relationship management (CRM) function empowers you to manage your customer relationships by storing all important data, such as call and estimates history, ad source, job history, invoices past due, revenue, outstanding balance, and contact and personal information.
  • Scheduling & dispatching: This feature will help schedule jobs and dispatch your technicians more efficiently. It also provides a map for sending and tracking your technicians for more precise updates.
  • Invoicing: With this feature, you can send invoices to your clients either by email or a text message and track invoice status with the invoice dashboard, which shows overdue invoices, not yet created, and those that are also due or unsent.
  • Online payments: You can accept electronic payments from your customers via the mobile app.
  • Reporting: This feature will help you monitor your business’s performance with built-in reports and real-time data.

These were just some of the key features that can help you run your business more effectively. What you probably may be interested in the price. You can purchase various plans, some as low as $80 per month and the price increasing to approximately $400, depending on your needs. It also offers some discounts for annual contracts.