If there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s that there’s no better feeling than your house being completely clean and organized. Despite this, actually getting to this point can be a real chore, and a lot of s don’t have the energy to make it happen. However, everyone should be on the hunt to spruce up their home, and with the following tips and tricks, it couldn’t be easier.

Don’t Forget the Doormat

When it comes to keeping your home spic and span, you can’t be without a doormat. Though for full effectiveness, you should actually have two; one outside your door and one inside. This is because doormats are designed to trap the dirt that you bring in on your shoes. Therefore, the outdoor doormat reduces the amount of dirt coming inside, whilst the indoor doormat prevents excess dirt from being traipsed through the house. However, you must ensure to regularly wash your doormats, otherwise, they could contribute to the mess rather than take away from it.

Skip the Mop Bucket

When it comes to cleaning the floors, most people will turn to their trusty mop and bucket. Despite this, dragging a bucket full of dirty water can actually act as more of a hindrance than a help. Instead, you might use a spray bottle filled with diluted cleaning solution and distribute this across your floor’s surface. You can then use a microfibre mop to scrub and dry the area, leaving it shiny and clean without splashes of dirty water scattered everywhere.

Stock Up on the Right Products

We’re all guilty of running out of glass cleaner and turning to standard anti-bac spray to wipe the mirror down, but this simply won’t allow you to attain the same results. Instead, you should ensure that you’re all stocked up with the right products, as what you use can make a huge difference. For example, you’re not going to end up with a streak-free finish in the absence of glass cleaner. If you do run out of the right cleaning solution, you might research homemade cleaning solutions instead of turning to another product.

Use a Soap Dispenser Dish Brush

Soap dispenser dish brushes aren’t useful for dishes alone; they’re also effective in scrubbing down bathrooms. Though, if you are using one of these for bathroom cleaning purposes, ensure that it’s properly labeled and kept out of the kitchen.

Vacuum the Right Way

You may not realize this, but there’s actually a certain way that you should be vacuuming. For the most effective results, you should be vacuuming the room horizontally and then vertically to ensure that you pick up every speck of dirt. Similarly, vacuuming slowly is much more effective in picking up dirt than rapidly moving it back and forth.

Use a Paintbrush

Some areas of your home are so hard to reach when it comes to cleaning and dusting when you don’t have the right equipment. For those hard-to-reach corners, brush out the dirt with a paintbrush ready for a vacuum to suck it all up.

Use Garden Gloves

If you have plenty of ornaments and knickknacks, it can be really difficult to properly dust them with a standard cloth. In this instance, garden gloves are ideal as they allow you to simply brush away the dust with your hand. You can even spray your gloves with anti-bac to keep everything sterile.

Use a Tennis Ball

If your vinyl floor is filled with scuff marks, you can quite simply erase them using a clean, dry tennis ball. All this requires is a light rub, and your scuffs and heel marks will disappear.