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If you think business and general writing are the same, then you are wrong. The tone, sentence formation, vocabulary, and other aspects of both mediums are different. If you have been facing difficulty to write an email to your client, then you lack business writing skill. According to a study conducted by Carleton University, professionals spend one-third of their time at work reading and answering emails. Now think how much time you spent over thinking and writing an email or report to your client. This is not only frustrating but also irritates that lousy writing will lead to negative communication.

Excellent business writing will make you look more intelligent, credible, and professional. It is the primary medium to reach out to your client and customers. Over time, good report, email, and other business writing will build a good reputation.

Let us now check how you can improve your business writing skills

  • Making your Objective Clear: 

Every business writing has an objective which you must be aware of. Be it about getting a new client, presenting your new product, creating a board report, or replying to your client mail, you need to make your objective clear. If you are creating a board report, then it may be to take action and increase the department budget. Getting your objective clear is the first step before you take the step forward. It will help in drafting the mail or creating report effectively that can help in building a good rapport.

  • Think of your readers: 

Once you know your objective, the next is to understand your readers need and what motivated them. Know who are interested in your subject, and if it is interesting enough, then they will read the rest. A successful document is one where matches your reader’s expectations. If your readers are expecting a recommendation from your report, then explain it in the first few paragraphs or pages.

  • Establish your objective
  • Do your research
  • Plan
  • Draft
  • Edit
  • Proofread
  • Clear and Concise Language: 

One of the differences between business writing and other writing is to have concise writing. Your idea and presentation must be clear and concise. If you lack the skill and have no idea about using business English language, then the best is to join Spoken English Classes Online. By joining the online course, you get one-on-one training from an expert on how to do business writing that can give a positive result.

  • Using Conversational Tone: 

When writing for business, you need to use a conversational tone to make it more professional. You can learn about using a conversational tone by taking up Spoken English Classes Online. Through this course, you will get to learn how to use a conversational tone when doing business writing. The conversational tone is much more useful when communicating with consumers.

  • Right Word Choice: 

When you are writing business content, it is vital to use correct jargon and buzzwords. However, before writing the content, you need to know your audience and how you can bring their attention. It is vital that you use simple words that can be easy to reach by the target audience.

  • Proofreading: 

Before you send your document or mail to your clients or colleague, do proper proofreading. This is to have error-free content with correct grammar and punctuation. This is to keep a good reputation in front of the receiver.


Mastering these skills will certainly boost your business writing and impress whom you’re sending the message. Practice well before you go ahead with official business writing.