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With the evolution of the latest technologies, different scientific fields have seen quite a lot of new things, one being three-dimensional printing technologies. Over the recent years, this printing technology has created a craze amongst many industries as they are using different 3D printings to enhance their brands. 3D printing makes the objects come lively, with a full depiction of all three dimensions on a 2D platform.

Here are the best 10 3D printings that have proven to be significant enough to steer the direction of technology in a new direction.

1. CRP technology’s Lamborghini headlight washer flap

Lamborghini Gallardo’s washer flap was made using this 3D printing technology and CRP has played an important role in this automobile discovery.

2. GE’s LEAP fuel nozzle

GE has established a cordial relationship between the aviation industry and 3D printing technology. The fuel nozzle that it manufactured saved fuel on a huge amount and this is one of the most important discoveries in the aviation industry.

3. SLM Solutions and professor wood acetabular cages

SLM Solutions pioneered the 3D printing technologies owing to the fact that this company tried to manufacture an acetabular cage based on the 3D printed image.

4. Olivier can Herpt’s 3D printed ceramics

Olivier was the first ceramic designer who was able to introduce 3D printing technology on an 80 cm long vase, something that the ceramic industry has never witnessed. His contribution has led to a belief that ceramic items can now be molded in various live designs within a matter of hours.

5. Scott Summit’s 3D-printed fairings

Scott Summit proposed the idea of incorporating the knowledge of 3D printing in manufacturing medical braces and prosthetics. The company didn’t leave behind the fairings and according to its 2008 plan, medical services will reach a new height in the near future.

6. Luxexcel’s 3D-printed objects

Luxexcel’s invention poses a huge threat to the glass industry, it might change the optical face of the world. after all, it’s new discovery is pertaining to an optically transparent lens on which objects are printed in a three-dimensional manner. This lens has been manufactured using the concept of 3D printing and can be used for ophthalmic purposes.

7. Materialise’s CMF implant for surgical planning

This is one of the technology giants that has incorporated 3D printer components into the field of medical diagnosis. Instead of having an X-ray plate with a 2D image, one can now have the radio-imageries in three-dimensional form with this company’s technology. This Belgian company has added 3D printing of hearing aids, surgical instruments, and implants in their 3D medical planning items.

8. Benchy by creative tools

Many are working with these 3D printing technologies but a few are actually having an outlook for the development sector. In order to enhance the efficiency of the firms using this technology, Creative Tools came up with an interesting project in the form of a simple, fun-loving small tool. This small object is known as Benchy and it will help the 3D printer operatives to function in a more refined and advanced manner.

9. The e-NABLE hand

e-Nable is a company that is now presently dealing with the 3D-printed prosthetic hand. And the most amazing fact about this new technology is that this can be operated by you only in your own home. You don’t have to rely on the technology giants to get prosthetic hands. The project is a blend of 3D printing technologies at a low cost and community-driven thoughts and this has solely enhanced the success rate of the project.

10. RepRap machine parts by the RepRap project

This project was basically proposed by Dr. Adrian Bowyer who proposed that once this three-dimensional technology would be incorporated into desktop printing, then the future of computers will see another technological era. In fact, this RepRap project has produced a huge influence on various companies like MakerBot, Ultimaker, and many others firms.

Perhaps this is the reason why 3D printing has become so popular that compact printing machines are being manufactured. In fact, many significant printing examples have been seen on various different platforms that have left the crowd amused and gawking at the wonders of the technology.