To easily convert any of your files or the folder, it is important to be careful about the selection of the best file online converter tool for your task. There is no such scientific formula or any sort of hard and fast rules which you need to carry out to search the reliable tool for your conversion process.  Some of the tools are free to use and some of them might charge you with the small amount in case if you want to use its advanced features or the premium version.  Hence such tools are a lot effective when it comes to the conversion of documents, videos, images, or the audio files.

Below we have compiled a list of top 3 best tools for you which are known for their ability of file conversion processing. Pick the best tool for yourself right now:

  1. File Zig Zag 

The platform of FileZigZag has made itself to be one of the most identified platforms of file conversion processing for both beginners and professionals.  It is completely working on the scenario which is based on the email version.  As in case you have ever used the Zamzar tool, then it would be interesting to know that the features of this tool are quite similar to the features of Zamzar.  This tool even works at the best for the conversion of the video files, images, or audio.  You need to simply upload the file in your convert dialogue box and then click on the “convert” option.  You will be receiving the final converted file document in your mentioned email address.

  1. Online Convert Free

How can we forget mentioning the name of Online Convert free! This tool of file converter is worth using right now for both the beginners as well as professionals.  We always highlight this tool as the best option for the students due to its simple and friendly processing.  You don’t need to rush around from one page to another because their file uploading dialogue box is available on the front page.

The process of conversion is fast enough and is carried out through simple features.  In just a couple of minutes, you will be handed over with your converted file.  But a major issue with this tool converter is that in case if your file has some errors in it, the processing will stop right at that moment without alarming you.  This tool work best for the sake of converting your images, audio, books, and much more.

  1. Online2PDF 

Lastly, we have the best free converter tool for you named “Online2PDF”.  This tool has already made a big name in the marketplaces due to its smooth and easy conversion processing which makes it highly recommended for beginners and professionals. Soon after uploading the file, you need to carefully select the file format in which the file needs to be converted for your convenience.  Above all, this tool even works best when it comes to the extraction of pages or the compression of PDF files.  You can convert more than two pages at one time which is the premium feature of this tool. But make sure your file has just 100 pages and is not more than 50MB.


So this was the end! We have clearly explained to you about all those top 3 tools which are massively getting popular in the online converter world.  All our 3 presented tools are free of cost and do not put you into any hassle of creating an account or do the sign-up installation.  Use them right now!