So many industries have been severely impacted by job losses, market dips, and the sudden changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. In the midst of so much uncertainty, it can be difficult to feel hopeful about the future. The sad reality is that a lot of businesses might not make it through this period, with some industries needing a much longer time to recover. On the other hand, some industries are actually set to make a post-lockdown comeback. Here are five examples of the latter. 

1. Flexible Workspaces 

While digital jobs and flexible contracts have been steadily on the rise over the past few years, even more businesses are now trialling remote-working arrangements because of the COVID-19 restrictions. After lockdown is eased, there will likely be greater demand for flexible workspaces like serviced offices and virtual offices, with more people seeing the freedom and potential these spaces offer. 

2. Domestic Tourism

Sadly, it looks like it will be a long time before we can consider vacations to places like Paris or Rome again. Depending on how the Coronavirus situation progresses, interstate borders and domestic travel looks like a much more realistic and feasible option for the near future. After so much disruption to their industry, we can expect flight deals and special offers from domestic airlines and locally-focused travel companies. Just make sure to keep informed and follow up-to-date safe travel advice before you book your trip!

3. Sports and Recreation

For some people, it took a pandemic to appreciate the joys of being able to exercise outdoors. For the gym, sports, and recreation enthusiasts who prefer group settings, training in sporting facilities, participating in team sports, or compete professionally, this time has been tough as their beloved industry has taken a big hit. When recreational facilities start to open up again, you can bet they’ll be flooded with new businesses as people with a newfound appreciation for health and fitness come together with the veterans, sports fans, and professionals. 

4. Cafes, Diners, and Restaurants

Photo of a beautiful restaurant

The current rise in popularity of delivery and pick-up services is helping a lot of hospitality businesses survive and keep people employed. This period may lead to an increased preference for delivery services, even after the lockdowns lift, as people grow used to outsourcing things like their grocery shopping and coffee pickup. It will also help fuel anticipation for when cafes and restaurants reopen as residents will miss the ‘luxury’ of eating out and having the dining experience. Who doesn’t miss going to brunch and not having to deal with the cleanup after?

When hospitality makes its comeback, higher standards of hygiene and cleanliness can be expected. By the time facemasks stop being an outfit staple, things like communal water jugs and that little bowl of nuts at the bar will probably be a rarity too.

5. Healthcare  Services

Not all healthcare facilities are in need of a comeback, but the changes this industry is likely to undergo cannot be overlooked. With ‘non-essential’ treatments currently on hold to free space in hospitals and medical centers, the end of the lockdown will probably see a surge in bookings for elective treatments and cosmetic therapies. And now that disease-prevention is on everyone’s mind, it looks like antibacterial products, health supplements, and face masks may remain popular, especially since many companies are adding gifts like branded hand sanitizer to their orders.  

While none of us knows how long this history-defining period is going to last, a significant change to industries and consumer perceptions, like the above five speculations, is only to be expected.