Indian tourism is a fascinating journey and one of the fastest growing travel destinations in the world. The tourism sector provides more than 40 million career opportunities to both Indians and foreigners.

Among important tourist states in India, Gujarat is one of the most idyllic locations in India. Pristine beaches, seaports, white desert lands, Buddhist caves, dense jungle areas, ancient citadels, trade and business industries, wildlife sanctuaries, cultural centers, and beautiful handicraft stores.

Gujarat State, like many other Indian states, is a heterogeneous mixture of varied traditions. Some of the major cities in Gujarat include Ahmedabad, Bhavnagar, Udaipur, Jamnagar, Kutch, Navsari, Junagadh, and Kheda to name a few.

Some highlighting features of the State:

  • The very first Indian state that started the notion of Ayurvedic Institutes.
  • The Great Rann of Kutch is the largest salt deserts on the planet.
  • Gandhinagar is known as the greenest Asian capital city.
  • The world’s biggest ‘grass root’ refinery plant is at Jamnagar, Gujarat.
  • Gujarat, with a shoreline of 1600 km. is the lengthiest sea-shore in India.
  • Gujarat is also the biggest milk-producing state in India.
  • Gujarat is the only state having an exclusive lion sanctuary.
  • There are 14 state-of-art airports within the state.

Let us explore some famous places in Gujarat State:

  • Sabarmati Ashram – The former residence of ‘The Father of the Nation’, Sabarmati Ashram is one of the prominent tourist attractions in Ahmedabad. Situated near the Sabarmati River, it is also popularly known as the ‘Gandhi Ashram’. Gandhiji began his iconic ‘Dandi March’ from this place.

Sabarmati Ashram

  • White Desert – Rann of Kutch lies between Gujarat State and Sindh Province (Pakistan). The pristine white sandy desert presents a spectacular sight during the day and at moonlit nights. Tourists enjoy the natural beauty of this glittering landscape.
  • Somnath Temple – The tiny coastal town Somnath is one of the prime pilgrim spots in the state. The Somnath Temple, according to ancient mythology, is the sacred place wherein Lord Krishna was injured after being shot in the leg. The temple is one of the most visited pilgrimage shrines in India.

Other important places include Sayaji Baug at Vadodara and Modhera Sun Temple at Modhera to name a few. To avail of discount offers, tour deals, and special packages, you can visit online sources. You can also get the best of Gujarat tour packages at TravelSetu. For more information, click here.